What next?

I am level 63 druid atm.

I got few items at low levels,which i am still using because they are better than anything i got in past 3 days.

I am farming Monos but i aint getting any upgrades.

Get to Empowered. Five Blessings going up the right side of the End of Time’s and the three 90s at the top. You’ll most likely hit around level 80 by that point.

Thank you

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Do you only pick up items which drop as upgrades?

This sound a lot like you don’t utilize crafting to it’s full extend.

How did you setup your loot filter?

In LE you typically don’t find items that are immediate upgrades. You usually craft a bit on them.

A good base with only 2 desired low tier affixes can turn out to be really good with some lucky Rune Of Discovery or crits.

i agree with this. at your level in my experience (also with druid) you should be getting plenty of updates or items to craft on like heavy says.
Also make sure to kill the exile mage for possible upgrades or to open up the special chest for exalted items.