What needs to happen before the game reaches 1.0, "released" status?

As a new player who has only been playing for 3 weeks I have to say that the current state of the game feels very robust to me. There are great QOL features already in (best loot filter ever, great stash, etc.)

I get that there are 3 of the 15 advanced classes yet to make an appearance and 1 (2?) chapter of the campaign yet to come, but I’ve seen games in much rougher shape than this released from beta / EA.

Is the plan to release this year at some point?

There is no official release date currently.

The next “big step” that we know of will be multiplayer/online, since this will bring a whole load of new challenges in terms of stability,balancing and overall experience with it.

Aside from that i am sure the devs still working on several things we don’t know of. Like new endgame systems.

Yup. As I’ve said in my recent review, the single player aspect feels almost 1.0 ready. But the biggest test truly is how MP and server side play is going to pan out.

With the exception of Rogues, Bladedancer, Marksman, dual wielding and tooltip dps with were added in 0.8 and 0.8.1.

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I don’t think that anyone would say no to additional optimisations, but I think the move to online servers would help quite a few people (especially those with a lower-end cpu but decent internet) compared to the current offline.

I had an i5 4460 and was able to run the game stable at 30 fps and that thing was almost 6 years old. That’s okay for a Beta. With my ryzen7 3700x I have 0 issues running the game at 60 fps (what at least I am aiming for) while there is enough room for improving this. Sadly my gpu is propably as old as my cpu was so I’m happy with my 60 fps.
I’m obviously not talking about slideshow fps in arena but overall in the rest of the game. When everything that collects metrics is disabled there will be an improvement most likely and they have no set in stone release date aka enough time to spice things up.

Yeah, fair point, though I did say that it would especially help people with “lower-end” cpus.

Give me an example of a more intense game (ideally an aRPG) that’s cpu-constricted rather than gfx-constricted. I think the devs have said that this game is more likely to tax your cpu than your gpu, especially when you’re running a build that has a lot of procs or minions giving your cpu a lot to calculate for each frame. One of my friends managed to upgrade his gfx card to a 6800xt from a Vega64 (I think) & he didn’t see the fps increase in LE like he did in Cyberpunk (where he can happily run it on max settings & get ~90 fps).

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