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What long I have to play The End of Time

Hi, How long I have to play The End of Time ?
Can I see my Value of Stability.

End of time is just a place…

End of time location links to the Monolith of Fate and are the current end-game - you can play it forever. You complete the timelines to fight the bosses to get Blessings and you can do this over and over again for as long as you want.

Stability is shown in the top bar, when you have enough stability by completing echo islands, you can do the Monolith Quests which then lead to the Monolith boss quest - these quests are on the top left of the monolith choice screen.

If you do the Orobyss Island echo and defeat Orobyss, then the Monolith Timeline resets all islands back to the beginning…

Until the end of time :grimacing:


Tank you Vapour Fire

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