What items are "worth enough" for shattering?

Just as the title says, I want to know what items are worth the shatter cost (2k).

  1. First, is it true an item always returns at least 1 shard per affix?
  2. What total sum of any shard is worth it?
  3. What total sum of uncommon - very rare tiers is worth it?
  4. What total sum of rare - very rare tiers is worth it?
  5. What total sum of very rare tiers is worth it?
  6. What total sum of class-specific affix tiers is worth it?
  7. Also, just discovered the hard way that 2-handed swords consume TWO runes of shattering, however I tested a bow and that is still only 1. What other item types consume 2 runes?
  8. With this being the case, how does the 2 rune cost factor into the above answers? If for example, the answer to #1 is ‘a sum total of 10 tiers’, would you say that the 2H weapon needs to be a sum of 20 tiers, or is it more like 15 or 14. Like, are certain affixes unique to 2H items (I’m looking at you All Attributes affix) so worth it that they count as double-value anyway?
  9. Lastly, should I Rune of Removal any items rather than shatter? If I have a T6 very rare or class affix, is it worth it to attempt to remove the affix, and if so, do I give up after 1 rune? If a T6 isn’t worth a rune of removal, is a T7 worth it instead?
    Thank you for your help in advance! I’ve been saving a lot of items, and I don’t know what is shatter-worthy now that stash tabs are much cheaper.

The runes are pretty common once you get into empoweref monos. I shatter anything that makes it through my loot filter that i don’t plan on wearing, or i fail at crafting. I never run out of runes of shattering.

A LOT of questions but I feel like they are all rendered moot eventually because as you progress, you get so many shattering runes that you chuckle at the memory of when the game/cycle was newer to you and you actually EVER purchased a rune of shattering.

So when you are newer and still actually purchasing runes of shattering, I would use them on things like hybrid health, ranks of X skills that you’re using, affixes you are low on, etc. I would continually tweak your loot filter entries so these affixes you need/want are recolored, etc.

It doesn’t take too long before you stop thinking about it as intensely as you are. Eventually, you never have to buy these runes and you just throw an entry at the top of your loot filter to recolor the couple affixes you actually still want to stock up on and you shatter those.

Sometimes you won’t get shards from all affixes. That’s why blue items are better shatter-fodder than yellows.

My usual pattern is to ONLY shatter items with +1 to my build’s skills, and a few dual health, until at least empowered. Nothing else.
By empowered I will usually have piles of runes of shattering and I can start shattering other stuff needed for my build. I never run out of runes of shattering, even without buying them from vendors.

I shatter a lot of what my loot filters still show. At the same time, I only shatter enough for like 10-20 affixes of a certain type if I need it… otherwise I just buy what I need on MG and shatter/removal those.