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What is your favorite skill in the demo so far?

Mine is tornado when you upgrade it to be a fire tornado.

Hmm…Probably the beastmaster’s summon abilities. Love having pet armies!

We’ll have more beasts to add to your pet army soon!

I like Ice Barrage, the snowball flinging feel is very appropriate during these chilly months.

The jump looks incredible. Also allows get in or out of combat quickly.

I like the wall of ice skill. It sprouts ice from the ground in spikes in progressive bursts that keep getting bigger. It’s really impactful and will be awesome in final gameplay

The Necromancer will be a primarily pet focused class. You will be able to assemble an army of fallen flesh and magic. These insignificant minions are of no concern of yours so you will use them however you see fit. Will you turn them into living bombs? Will you send them en mass into the fray? Will you assemble a monstrosity from the beyond to smash your foes?

The Necromancer will not be available in the demo but this is a little taste of our plans.

The wall of ice looks really sick totally different to other hack n slash games the concept of it supper awesome more other skills like this i’m sure to come will be totally wicked

on my few moment’s on game i have totems whit beastmaster totem’s are love xD

Tornado with lightning. The CC is neat + it’s a pointer aim range ability + lightning is my favourite element!

Love that gameplay :slight_smile:

For me, it has to be the magma orb ability. It reminds me so much of the old ice orb sorc build from D2, which was one of my favorite builds in the game.

I have such a hard time deciding, because most skills haven’t had their trees made to flesh them out. Out of the ones so far, I’ve actually enjoyed glacier. But I’m excited to see what happens for the static orb and charged ground ones :slight_smile:

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