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What is your favorite Legendary Item idea?

As the title says, what unique are you most looking forward to get and then craft into a legendary item?
Of course something like a high potential Orian’s or Omnis will be everyones dream, but maybe choose something that is more realistic to get.
I’m looking forward to craft a 3-4 potential Vipertail.
I mean…this will be a dream for alot of poison builds.

  • T1 Cleanse All Ailments on Potion Use (Craft)
  • (Could be Mana Regen or Poison dmg as a 4 potential Vipertail)
  • Chance to Poison on Hit
  • Chance to Slow on Hit
  • Increased Melee Attack Speed
  • Increased Dodge Rating
  • Chance to Summon a Primal Serpent
  • T5 Increased Health (Craft)
  • T5 Hybrid Health (Craft)

Short term - whatever is really useful and easily farmed for legendary potential, they repeated in the dev blog a couple times it’d be a rare resource but monolith uniques that we can brute force will probably be the chase early on for me, Woven Flesh with Vit+health // resists would make just about any build tanky enough to push through normal echos without having to invest in crit avoidance on rings/boots

Reign of Winter seems like it’ll be incredibly strong between the bow and how common troaka’s is as a drop…

I’d love to see some ultra endgame DW Legendary Hummingbee build that just zooms, I know the devs want to avoid super speed builds but if someone could actually put together a viable setup I think it’d be awesome to see


Hi, I don’t have a favorite yet, but I think silver coil (ring) and lessons of metropolis (boots) are low level uniques with some nice stats that can find themselves in many builds. They don’t have an offset and it is worth it to get the haste on hit of the ring or less damage of the boots. They might not have found their way into a build, because you needed the affixes otherwise to make your build work, but now…

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There’s just too many stuff for me. I’m overwhelmed by all the opportunities.

The thing that makes me most excited is not to make already powerful items op, but to make really decent items out of uniques that are underused/weak by themselves.

Somebody mentioned Humming Bee.

Also currently I have the feeling that really cool body armour is missing. There are 2 good ones for specific builds. But the focus seems to be on weapons.


I think the potential to make the really good end-game uniques OP is a given - like a legendary Bastion of Honour or Omni… I think everyone is going to try for those - its obvious… Although I unless the devs are careful with the Legendary potential, its quite likely that some of these could break things by being too powerful.

However, I am keen to see what can be done with the Uniques that are just too weak for end-game or what clever additions could be added to existing ones to enable entirely new builds…

The ones that you keep one or two for leveling but dont bother to pick them up anymore… Things like The Falcon armour, Humming Bee sword, Raindow edge, Cinder Song, Draalsing etc…

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They are.

  1. Titan Heart with even more “Flat Health” or “%inc. Health”. Together with a “+2 to Reaper Form”
    Titan Heart’s “downside” doesn’t matter for a build that uses Reaper Form.

  2. “Stymied Fate” with “% inc. Movement Speed” would be amazing, in conjunction with the new “Paranoia” Unique Sentinel Helmet that makes Lunge a non-target skill.

  3. “Close Call” or “The Slab” with T7 Block chance

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Eye of Reen with flat melee crit and attack speed, maybe even 2 Eyes of Reen :smiley:


Titan Heart, Eye of Reen, Cinder Song…definitely all good and interesting items to try it out!
Wing Guards or Lirakas will also become crazy good. Already a good base implicit with both strong stats for crit and ailment playstyle.

Here are a few I put together from the item list:


  • Wing Guard with more attack speed and melee leech
  • Li’raka’s Claws with Throwing Speed + Damage
  • Raven’s Rise with Minion Health + Damage
  • Frostbite Shackles with attack speed + damage over time


  • Humming Bee with more attack speed, flat elemental damage, armor shred, and health on hit
  • Gladiator’s Oath with Crit multi, flat melee phys, armor shred, and dodge rating
  • Eye of Reen with flat melee crit, attack speed & ignite chance
  • Undisputed with flat melee phys and increased phys damage (or more melee speed)
  • Bloodgeon with flat crit chance and attack speed (and maybe Melee Damage Leeched as Health)
  • Dreamthorn with flat crit chance, attack speed, reduced damage from crits, Melee Damage Leeched as Health
  • The Last Laugh with flat crit chance, attack speed, reduced damage from crits, Melee Damage Leeched as Health
  • Leviathan Carver with reduced damage from crits & Melee Damage Leeched as Health
  • Bone Harvester with Minion Melee Damage, Necrotic damage, armor shred and reduced damage from crits
  • Apathy’s Maw with increased DoT and melee leech
  • Hammer of Lorent with attack speed, phys damage, less damage from crits and armor shred
  • Draalsting with attack speed, poison damage, chance to poison and chill
  • Morditas’ Reach with attack speed and DoT


  • Arrowguard with bow attack speed, bow damage, armor shred, and a resistance


  • The Slab with block chance, block effectiveness, reduced damage on block, health or all resistances
  • Moenia Mentis with block chance, health on block, increased armor, reduced damage on block
  • Bastion of Honour with health on block and reduced damage on block
  • Horns of Uhkeiros with block chance and reduced damage on block

Off-hand Catalyst

  • Ignivar’s Head with increased crit, increased spell crit, and resistances


  • Eye of Orexia with Fire damage & Level of Volcanic Orb


  • Quicksilver Coil with Dex, Phys damage, crit avoid, & dodge
  • Liath’s Signet with ele damage & lightning damage
  • Ribbons of Blood with minion damage + minion health
  • Heirloom of the Last Nomad with ele damage, fire damage, and two resists (because, why not)
  • Oceareon with ele damage & spell damage


  • Gambler’s Fallacy with crit multi, some penetration & armor shred
  • Bleeding Heart with Damage Over Time, some penetration & armor shred
  • The Claw + Fang with minion damage + minion health
  • Death Rattle with minion damage, healing effectiveness, health, health regen
  • Xithara’s Conundrum with phys damage, phys penetration & health
  • Logi’s Hunger with crit chance & crit multi

GF CANNOT drop with LP bc it is a quest reward. I am SO sad about this, and i think it is very unfair. Avarice nor Orichian petals will drop with LP bc they are not specific drops.

This was confirmed by both Trasochi and Mike in the Dev Discord (Mike made a mistake on stream).

boo to that.

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Claire and I are starting a campaign to change that.

New Rune: “Rune of Legends”
Effect: “There is a (small)% chance to add LP to the item. There is also a (small)% chance to destroy the item.”

Ta da!

Actually, i think the fix to let it roll if you are using a rune of ascendance and to let the quest rewards have a very small chance of give LP.

I don’t want to really think about it now, but for sure I’ll have a deep look at Reach of the Grave.

I think you will be kinda disappointed with that.

Wand’s offer absolutely no minion support, so some uniques that are on “off-theme” bases will take a hit, if there is nothing changing with the affix distribution.

Yes, that’s what I fear.

So I rolled a 3LP Vipers Tail, I have yet to decide what to add to it. So you would look for clean ailments on potion, health, hybrid health, and then for the 4th spot that i hope to miss on mana regen or poison damage if i read that correctly?

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Hazelroot - with Increased Cast Speed (Should be somewhat easy to get)
Thornshell - with T6/7 Damage Reflected to Attackers and T5 Block Chance
Valeroot - with T6/7 Damage Reflected to Attackers, and any combination of T5 Strength/T5 %Increased Armour/T5 %Increased Health.