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What is YOUR Favorite build in 0.8.2?

Hey travelers!

What's Your:

favorite build?

Favorite Class?

Favorite Mastery?

Favorite Skill?

Let me know!

All my favorites to the above questions
  • Favorite Build (Overall) - Decimator Void Knight
  • Favorite Class (Overall) - Sentinel
  • Favorite Mastery (Overall) - Beastmaster
  • Favorite Skill (Overall) - Warcry

It should come as now surprise the void knight decimator was my top pick! the void knight fights so thematically and is so visually pleasing. Cant wait to try out some new skills on him in 8.3

The Sentinel Overall is my favorite class, I spend the most time overall in on this class. Even though I only play 2 out of its 3 masteries.

Beastmaster is my favorite mastery though. Its passive tree is just gorgeous from the bottom to the top. Cant have enough passive points to ever be happy here.

Warcry as a relative new skill to the game is a very powerful support skill. From the sound to the animation to the actual buffs and playstyle, its far beyond my number 2.

Here's a list of my Top 10 favorites, Video and Links to Each build

#10 - 6 Powerful Crows Beastmaster

#9 - Shatter King Spellblade

#8 - Bleeding Doom Warpath

#7 - Static Orb Sorcerer

#6 - Big Vine Spriggan Shaman

#5 - Poison Shurikens Bladedancer

#4 - LizardIRL Reign of winter Marksman

#3 - Ice Ranged Minions Necromancer

#2 - Hammerdin Paladin

#1 - Decimator Void Knight

A bit difficult to say, because of many elements and with time.

  • Favorite build: Druid Spriggan form with Spriggan companion
  • Favorite class: Acolyte
  • Favorite mastery: Very unsure, maybe Void Knight
  • Favorite skill: Maybe Elemental Nova
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Favourite build - def earthquake druid. Not sure after nerf though but I’m very interested in the new void knight.

Favourite Class - sentinel, I’m never a melee person when it comes to arpg but something about the sentinel just feels good. Fun skills, good damage/tank abilities.

Favourite mastery - not sure maybe necro or paladin.

Favourite skill - devouring orb

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  • Dex Scaling Ignite Cinder Strike

  • Rogue

  • Marksman

  • Detonating Arrow (Skilltree and Mechanics) / Hail of Arrows (Playstyle)

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Surprisingly hard set of questions to answer as I like things for different reasons that dont neccessarily make sense…

  • Favorite build? - Paladin Regifter
  • Favorite Class? - Sentinel
  • Favorite Mastery? - BladeDancer
  • Favorite Skill? - Forge Strike
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Favorite build: Neokortex has purple balls and whips through the hordes with them.

Favorite Class: Sentinel Neokortex has purple balls and whips through the hordes with them.

Favorite Mastery: Void Knight/Paladin Neokortex has purple balls and whips through the hordes with them.

Favorite Skill: Ice Barrage to cool down.


Favorite build: Fire based Shield Throw Paladin

Favorite Class: Sentinel, started with Necromancer but there’s so many more builds on Sentinel that feel good to play and feel unique from each other.

Favorite Mastery: Paladin

Favorite Skill: Meteor, I can’t play a mage (I’m bad at it) but man I love the way this skill looks.

  • Build: Holy Aura with Flame Burst

  • Class: Acolyte

  • Mastery: Spellblade

  • Skill: Lightning Blast

As you can see I’m torn all across Eterra to play builds and classes I like.

There’s nowt wrong with Rocks From SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! It was (not) good for the dinosaurs, so it’s good for us…

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