What is wrong with blessings? rng , bug , need fix?

Ok time to write about this here cus i got sick of it , i completed spirits of fire 25 times in a row to get minion blessing and not even once i got it , got every other like few times each but this one never …how is this even possible or ok to happens ? https://imgur.com/KeTrNY2 I know some ppl will say its rng , u farm monolith anyway u will get it …no i dont want to farm monolith i dont need on low corruption i need just blessing and i think 25 attempts is a bit too much not too see each blessing

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RMG is RNG. It sucks but its unlikely a bug or something that needs fixing. Blessings are chase things, not something necessary for builds.

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The Blessing System works a little bit different, than you think it does.

There are essentially different “pools” of blessing, so it is not one pool of 11 bleesings, but one pool with 3 Blessings and another one with 8 Blessings (which the %inc minion damage is part of).

Also we don’t know how much corruption OP has, while farming for these blessings.

@DevRai do you play with >50, <50 or <200 corruption? (3, 4 or 5 Blessing Choices per run)
This would not change your issue, but would affect the chances of getting your desired blessing.

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well i played with 150 corruption cus i just wanted to get done with that blessing to be able to farm my gear and rest of blessings i was so stuck there to get that one i got it at 28th attempt lol its insane i cant belive xD tnx god pain is over … there for sure need some chance increase for those we didnt seen yet or something cus doin 28 monoliths till 900 points is ALOT time to spend to MAYBE get good roll :smiley:

While this obviously felt bad, this is still an outlier. RNG is RNG.

If you would get to 200 corruption from the beginning and then start farming you would
a) need less echoes to unlock the boss
b) have 5 blessing choices each run

This would reduce the amount of runs needed drasticlly, even if you still were relatively unlucky.

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I will be honest here, probabilities is not my strong suite.
I don’t know with what numbers you calculated.

But from literally thousands of hours playtime, I never had a case where I needed to complete a Timeline more than 5 or 6 times to at least get a specific blessing.
Getting a specific blessing with very good rolls is another different story.

Important to note here: I always start farming for blessings on empowered, so with at least 4 blessing choices.

So from my personal experience, everything beyond 10+ tries would be an extreme outlier.

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well i have like 10 chars on 4 i farmed blessing never had situation to do mono more then 6 times too for any blessing now 28 attempts is rly …too much xD

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Is the info you’re likely looking for. Unless my maths is wonky (with probability that’s likely), if you’re running at 200+ corruption (5 blessing choices), you’d have a 0/3 chance of getting it in the first slot, 1/8 for the second slot, 1/7 for the third slot plus 1/11 for the 4th slot & 1/10 for the 5th slot. I’m sure you can tell us what the likelihood is for getting it if you have 3 blessing choices, 4 or 5 choices. I want to say you’d just add them together, but that’s probably wrong.

Assuming your build can easily farm 200+ corruption.

DevRai already said he was doing 150 corruption.

The difference between 150 and 200 is not significant and even if you are stuggling alittle bit it would still be worth it just for the 5th blessing slot.

How do the 4th & 5th blessing slots work? Do they mirror slots 2 & 3? or is it one from slot 1, and one from 2 & 3?

Not all timelines have 2 different pools, but the ones that do have them, the additional 4th and 5th slots will rolling blessings from the 2nd or 3rd slots or blessigns that can appear in any slot.

Slots 4 and 5 can draw from the entire pool for that particular mono.

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Ta, that’s what I got, I just wasn’t sure if I was doing it right because probability.

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To brutalise what Bob Hoskins said in the old BT adverts, it’s good to talk check. Especially when I know my grasp of probability & statistics isn’t exactly firm.

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