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What is Transformed?

Hi, I’ve been trying to figure what transformed means, new here! My build is a beastmaster 6 crow and the swipe skill mentions “when transformed” on several skill points!
Thank you in aavance.

Welcome to the LE Community!

Transformations are skill… where you temporarily (for the most part) transform into something different.

In case of the Beastmaster there are currently two Transformations avaialble: Werebear Form and Spriggan Form, Werebear is Druid exclusive and Spriggan is accessable for the other masteries too.

The base Mechanic of these is, that you do not naturally regenerate mana, so they are kidna temporariy, even though you can build around this and make them permanent with the right build choice.

The Primalist Transformations also replace all of your active skills with pre-determined ones.

There is another transformation from teh Acolyte: “Reaper Form”, which transforms you into a Floating Reaper, it’s a little bit different tha nthe Primalsit Tranformations, since it onyl replaces one skill on your bar and does not stop your mana regenration, but your health regeneration adn your health starts to decay increasingly.

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Thank you!!

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The Sentinel has a node in Abyssal Echoes that sounds like it’s a transformation but there’s no graphical change and the benefit is rather small (plus it’s on kill with Abyssal Echoes).

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I maybe saw it on idols or something, not points? It’s all blurring together :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but thank you for explain.

Primalist beastmaster :slight_smile:

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