What is the purpose of the "5 point bonus" introduced to a few passives?

Glacial Strike, Flash of Steel, and Pursuit appear to be the only instances of this. Is this something we’ll be seeing more of? What future design will this be supporting or expanding on? I like the idea of adding some complexity to the passive trees, this just seems a bit out of place with such a small deployment. I’m wondering what led to it.

You should look at the Primalist trees, there are a lot more than what you’ve mentioned.

I can’t remember what they said was the reasoning behind it, but yes, there will be more of it.

Ok, guess I missed them while browsing. Just not sure what problem it’s solving. Seems arbitrary as is.

I’m not sure its solving a problem, but providing incentive to allocate some number points for a good “bonus”. The Critical Strike Avoidance one in the Druid tree is very interesting (and likely very powerful) .

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I think one of the dev’s mentioned it’s a point sink bonus type of deal for those who only want to use the extreme right of the tree on only one path.

I would say its anti-“twink”. i.e. splashing 1 point to get some “Does not scale” bonus without caring about the “# points” part of the passive. Big example are the Sentinel “Block chance” nodes (they are still able to be splashed with 1 point, just using them as an example).

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