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What is The point of Solo?

Hello all! Now first off I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional or if its just because of the current “local save” state of the game but If you create a Solo Character on HC and it dies, or you just delete a Solo character the Name (Keyword Name) of that character saves all your gold and stash items. So if you create another Character with that same name again and select Solo you have all the stuff you had when you died or deleted the previous solo character. I tested it and it even works if you select a different class too. To me this is kind of a big deal because I like playing Solo self found mode as well as using certain names for my characters. I hope this is just a local save issue and it gets fixed when you move the game to servers. thank you and keep up the amazing work Eleventh Hour!!!

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my guess is that the save files will be on the servers once the games goes multiplayer later in the beta and we will get “true” SSF the way u describe it.

i dont know tho just a guess !

The 0.7.0c (05/06/2019) patch notes say this should’ve been fixed, so if it hasn’t…

Fixed a bug where the game loaded a deleted solo character’s stash when you created a new solo character with the same name.

As Ambvai said, let us know if this is happening after updating to the latest version!

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