What is the Point of Portals?

Why do we even have portals they’re useless, who needs a portal that resets the area you’re in?
The only reason I see needing to use a portal is to go back to town is because your inventory is full.
Why would I want to go to town to dump my inventory just to have to redo the zone again?
That aspect alone makes this not as fun of an arpg in my humble opinion, because to me the fun in an arpg is rofflestomping mobs, and collecting Massive loot.

Yes I know alot of people just pick up what they need for their build, but MY enjoyment in arpg’s is collecting ALL the loot i see, and with a useless town portal that resets my area, that is impossible.
Is this intended or a LONG standing bug?
If It is Intended Why?

That’s not the intended functionality, it’s on their list of things to fix.


Oh well that’s great, I had thought it was a bug, but after seeing posts from 3 years ago about it I figured well it’s been 3 years so it must be intended. Thank you so much :slight_smile: