What I'm looking forward to in 1.0, what about you?

Beyond the additional masteries I’m looking forward to the 1.0 balance pass, and the result of all the mob animation and graphics improvements. Next would be to hopefully find something reasonable in the shop that I would want. What are you looking forward to in 1.0?


I’m looking forward to the massive celebration video EHG makes and Mike running around in his bee costume serving everyone mead.


My No. 1 Thing for 1.0 and all smaller patches leading up to it would be the missing Masteries in conjunction with all new unique/set items.

Hopefully dozens of new build opportunities.

Especially the new Masteries will hopefully also bring new skills to the table, that can be used for the 2 already existing Masteries.

Beyond that I really hope that we will get some MoF improvement regarding top end endgame and corruption scaling.


Mine would be to not have any technical support threads helping people to play the game on their potatoes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, content and new goodies to grind.


What I’m looking forward the most, this with extreme personal bias:

  • The incoming performance improvements.
  • A review of many uniques (not low level): as 80% are just trash (without 2+LP, if the item is not worth with 0-1LP something is wrong IMO)
  • Some changes in the current relationship between passives-skills-gear-idols-blessings, to shift more scaling power into gear, and less dependence on stacking more multipliers on skills.
  • The new classes.
  • A more polished echo system.

I’ve got a Maris Piper that I can’t seem to get LE running on, the fps is just abysmal. It runs Crysis at 10bajillion fps (fries per sec) so it clearly can’t be my machine. I am upgrading to a Jersey Royal in spring, so I might just wait till then.

I’m probably looking forward to the new masteries and chapter.


Just a good seasonal system and a good follow up of the game (i mean it come with the seasonal system but here me out making player playing a game year after year without them being bored of it is a challenge for dev)

Good performance focus ! i recently ragequit D3 because the game doesnt support a 40 mob stack taking aoe damage from more than 2 player in a 4 player game… this is limiting our challenge at higher tier because even if you have the damage to pass a tier you cant if you cant one shot the mob… if you cant one shot them then you will be just lagging/freezing then dying then wasting time due to the amount of damage per tick the serv have to process instead of just calculating one big shot then boom (probably i dont really know ^^)

Also dont make the mistake to bound the end-game systeme to a timer ! Diablo is a reference to that but i will take another exemple of dev making that bad decision and it was from People Can Fly with Outrider… In that game the systeme was the famous “finish the map under 3 minute or you get nothing” therefor limiting our build to do only damage even through Tanking/Support/Healing build exist on that game they were just unplayable since simply finishing a map wasnt enough…

To resume: Perf , Update, Perf, Update, Perf and a good end-game :smiley:

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There’s a lot we don’t know about 1.0, but of the little we do know I’m definitely looking forward to spending a lot of time with the new masteries. They all sound really compelling and in different ways.

You also mentioned the cosmetics. I have a lot of MTX money just waiting for that :smiley:

  1. Content, Content, Content! (Especially the endgame gets kinda boring fast)
  2. Better ways to target farm. (Feels like I can’t really target exalted Gloves and I also can’t remember the last time a Crystal Sword made it through my lootfilter)
  3. A way to use uniques that you don’t need. (I’m sitting on multiple Orian’s Eyes and Bastions, etc. but don’t really have a use for all of them and vendoring them for 500 gold feels shit).
  4. Buff to Set Items. (Right now Legendaries feel waaaaay too strong compared to anything else, even some Exalted Items exists only as a potential buff for Uniques to make a Legendary, depending on the item type).
  5. Performance and Visual improvements.
  6. The remaining classes.
  7. Overhaul and balancing of skills.
  8. New items, etc.

Didn’t list trade because currently I’m not really hyped for the proposed system lol

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Trading…oh wait. Nothing now really. Well maybe I guess I’m looking forward to getting the marshmallows out to roast over the fire their studios turns into when it crashes and burns because they flat out lied and stole people’s money.

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If you have the financial capacity to spunk $1k up against the wall a month for 3 years, I’m surprised you don’t have the awareness that sometimes things change. At least you don’t own a Mac.

Except when you put it in writing as a feature, and take people’s money in part based on that feature, then axe that feature while keeping people’s money its called bait and switch. It’s fraud which is theft. You see where I am going with this? Or are you not smart enough to understand that which Iet me know I’ll explain further. Or are you just a white knight just happy to lap up whatever they give you? What I spend on games or anything in life is up to me. I am fortunate enough to have been highly successful in life and businesses to have no financial cares in the world. I didn’t make my money by being a moron allowing myself to be stolen from. I don’t care about the money I spent on this game or POE or anything else. What i spend on games to me is tantamount to the amount of change found in the couch cushions. I care about principle, ethics, and integrity. The fact that more people here seemingly don’t, well it explains why video game companies get away with all the BS they get away with.

Oh and the MAC thing is equally as bad but, and I could be wrong here so enlighten me if I am, but they didn’t sell the game originally on being a MAC game. I thought that came in after their Kickstarter. They didn’t take money from a ton of MAC users for a working MAC version and suddenly ended support for it reversing course. Again I’ve never been a MAC guy so I never really pay attention to it, but this was my understanding and I could be totally wrong.

Are we at 1.0 yet and/or is LE feature complete? Has development actually stopped? Rich or broke a shill is a shill. I honestly wonder if your IP matches multiple accounts. Seek medication and best of luck to you.

Where’s my Falconer ?

I understand your frustration, but I am a little confused. You always refer to the bazaar from the Kickstarter, but they have announced 2 or 3 years ago that they abolished plans for the bazaar and they were thinking on how they want their new trade system to be like.

Were you not aware of this?

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I’m going to have to stop you there. I just can’t believe that anyone can be so, naive (which is the politely term I can think of to not make Kain sad) as to think that because something has been written down that it can never change and must be delivered regardless of how circumstances change and whether its in the best interest of the thing as it is now.

Especially when you appear to be ignoring all of the other caveats in the same paragraph that you’re holding up as though it is one of the ten commandments.

The grammar is kinda getting in the way, to be honest. I do know where you’re coming from, I even sympathise. I just think it’s incredibly naive to think that nothing can ever change. But please, take EHG to court and let me know the docket number so I can have a laugh.

Good for you!

I’m confused.

They’ve been building the game in/for sp which is inherently “no trade” then they’ve spent the past year or so porting all of the content across to the mp client (which is why it’s been so long without any content) and adjusting that content to make sense in an mp environment. They’ve also been trying to work out how they can get trade in without it being the most efficient way to get gear. They even said they didn’t want trade to overshadow loot-from-mobs in the kickstarter, which you clearly read then ignored.

They told us they were dropping the bazaar a good year or two ago.

That was back in June 21, they told us about dropping the bazaar before then.

Probably not since it wasn’t written in the kickstarter.

I just hope they stop calling Minimus stupid. He’s a brave and loyal dog.

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I’m looking forward too seasonal events and more polished and larger zone’s with side content to do and explore while doing the campaign.
Secretly hoping for a day/night system.

Also… I’m looking forward to applying for a sound designer position or who knows composer for my favourite arpg :slight_smile:

I hope the classes get more fluid and fun to play and the combat get’s more impactfull because right now even D3 is more fluid when it comes to skillqueueing and animations then LE. On top of that I hope we get more difficult content but the difficulty isn’t scaling mobs so every rat feels like a sponge but some kind of mechanics that keep you on your toes.

The missing masteries would be neat as well as a solid trading system so I can trade with my friends without (that much) restrictions.

Hopefully EHG still takes their time and deliver us a polished game because that’s maybe the most important thing when they get compared with D4 and PoE2 in the future.

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