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Hi EHG! I like what you’re doing and want to give my support. You supply an excellent product and I supply what money I can to help ensure that product survives and improves, I think that’s generally how it works.

Anyway, I really wanted to back at the $400 dollar tier but I’m just not too excited about Skullen. The Otum otum’s blessings look nice but that’s the only thing I really want from that pack. Now I have nothing against the Skullen. I maen, I do kill them all the time… like every day, but it’s nothing personal - I’m not a hater.

I have a few suggestions for things I’d be happy to toss a few greenbacks at, definitely in a particular order.

  • Liath pose emote: Emote that allows your character to take the pose of Liath hovering in the air. With the proper character class and attire, the attire perhaps sold separately as an MTX skin set, you can also have Liath’s most excellently designed floaty bouncies. You know exactly what I mean by that. I’d like to order one floaty boncerella with extra spicy sauce, please. Thank you.

  • Wings and Sauce (i.e., particle effects) Make wings, make profit. (Rule of Acquisition #204) But if introduced, please add an option for other players to turn off other player’s wing slot items, seriously.

  • Apparitions: (yes, I’m referencing POE) An elegant, beautiful angel apparition with a generous helping of wing sauce would be mighty fine. And again, please give other players an option to turn this nonsense off!

Floaty bouncies when? EHG?!

The current Supporter Packs will get discontinued soon after 0.9 with new ones coming in.

That was announced here:

This post is not in inquiry to the current supporter packs.

Yes I know, but you still said you want to pay x$ but don’t like the content of that specific supporter pack.

So I wanted to let you know there are different supporter packs on their way.

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Thank you, I appreciate the concern and attention. No, seriously. The kind consideration is sincerely appreciated - especially in an environment where so many interactions are toxic. So thank you again.

That said, I’ve seen the announcement and am waiting to see what’s in the coming supporter packs. I hope there’s something in there I can throw some support after. We’ll see!


Yeah, not fond of the Skullen pet either. The one time I enabled (equipped?) it its walkimg anomation wasn’t synced to its/my movement speed so it looked really bad.

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