What I think of Last Epoch... So far

Ok, been playng for a while, but far from as much as many others.
But so far I can at least tell what kind and some of the things I feel about the game Last Epoch.

  1. The Music. Some of the music feels like it is very thumping and outright boring in some places. And it is just something I wished wasn´t there, at all. In other places it is so beautiful and takes me so much into the game, that I sometimes totally forget about my environments and just floats into the game.
    It just really shows that they have truly worked with this in-game music and not just slapped into some music that KINDA COULD FIT.

  2. I need to say the IMPACT different Skills in-game is having is sometimes just very bland I feel. I think people understand more if I say I feel different skills need to have more POW. They need more Oomphh. They need more WHACK. More SLAM AND BOOM. If you jump forward and slams into the ground, today it is pretty much that to it. You jump and you land. You don´t feel the BAM, and you really don´t feel the SLAM to it.
    I really need to mention this numbers that goes when you damage Mobs. I do not know why this is, I can´t pinpoint on why it is, and it is quite unique really, but when that damage is going on, which is seen by numbers, it feels like just that, just numbers that pops up. It deosn´t feel like you are actually doing damage, as in actual damage. Still you know it is damage that is being done. Last Epoch is the only game I ever felt this with. And I don´t know why. It is just strange. And really can´t be explained. So therefore unique. Lol.

  3. And then we have the thing we ALL talk about and that we need. And that is Auto-loot. Please just introduce it. Either in the form of a Pet that does it for you, or where you can choose it in Options of how and what you would like to auto pick-up.

  4. Regarding Quests and Givers. Make it possible to teleport straight back to the Questgiver when the actual Quest you are doing, is done. It will save you a lot of time for many of the Quests instead of having to backtrack the long path and spend a lot of extra time, on just walking back to your Questgiver.

  5. I feel it could be nice to have 5 extra Pts in the Skilltree for each Skill spending instead of just 20, so it becomes 25.

  6. I guess this will come with time, and it is probably being worked on, but we need more Voice-overs.

  7. This is also very likely being worked on, I´m sure of it, but in many areas of the entire game, I think it is room for Graphical Improvements.

So, that is how I feel so far, and which is my point of view. I guess more is likely to come as more play-hours is hammered into the game and higher Levels has been achieved.

Hey there… tl;dr response - almost everything you mentioned is being addressed already and has been discussed by the devs - some, like Autoloot have been discussed into the ground and may or may not change based on the devs responses - its their game afterall so entirely up to them.


  1. Music. This is basically because they have updated newer (better?) music in certain newer sections but havent done the same game wide so there are the situations where there is old and new music at the same time. There are dev blog posts about the Music if you check that section. Music is also subjective so they are never going to please everyone with their choices.

  2. Combat - Again, the devs are addressing this one - in fact they go into some detail about combat feel, death animations and overall combat impact specifically in one or two of the most recent dev blogs - so this one is already being changed.

  3. Autoloot - the devs dont want this. I agree with them but this is entirely personal and the devs will have to decide if they want to allow/change this.

  4. Never really noticed this as a problem, except with the current lack of Map persistance where you have to fight your way back (being fixed in 0.9)… You can obviously teleport back to town from anywhere so I am not sure this is really needed.

  5. Definitely disagree here. Most of the power offensively comes from skill nodes and this would make builds seriously OP. There are plenty of discussions on this topic on the forum. Skill points and nodes are currently designed to make you chose carefully on how the skill functions and limit you from taking the biggest nodes at the same time to prevent skills being overpowered. (*Some are already but thats a different story being considered by the devs due to LizardIRL and others feedback/testing). If you want more skill points, consider the +skill affixes on gear - you will see how added skill points can stupidly overpower certain skills.

  6. Those iirc are all done by non-professional people (i.e. the devs and friends). Obviously this is something that can be updated when the actual content is more complete and fixed (i.e. lots of the text/voice needs updating).

  7. Literally TONS of graphical updates are being shown off - almost every week by Mike in his streams. You can see them collated in one place by looking at the Dev Leaks post Dev Q&A - We've sprung a leak!


You can already get +4 from gear to specific skills, some weapons have more generic +skills implicit modifiers (eg, melee or elemental skills) and some uniques have +skills as well.


You lost me when you started to talk about auto-loot. Please dont. There are other generic and bland games with this. The game is great the way it is now. The loot filter has great options, the option to change colors is a great feature.


I think that what you want is a mobile game.


Not sure why some is against such a thing as being able to pick up stuff in Auto. Maybe not a good thing as we do not have a very big Inventory, maybe.
And if not all the things on ground. At least it would be nice to auto pick-up all Gold, Potions and this stuff you use for Crafting/Forging and next to that you could auto pick-up the stuff you chose regarding other items that is suitable/useful for your Class.

It is really interesting to see people “innocently” suggest a thing and don’t know why it could be possibly “bad” or why someone else wouldn’t like it.

I highly suggest browsing the forum a little bit regarding auto loot/auto pickup.

There are dozens of threads with hundreds of posts discussing this.

Especially in conjunction with your No. 4 thigns like that are not merely “QoL Features”, but things like that dramatically change how you play the game.
And having that impact is not always the best for the game, even though some people think it is.


This deserves a separate thread all of its own. There are so many things that people ask for or make suggestions on that could indirectly yet fundamentally affect how the game is played. Everything from QoL things that, on the surface, sound totally harmless but can change how fast or slow you run through maps and thus affect the gameplay hugely. To other suggestions like increasing skill caps that on the surface sound fine, but can actually ruin game balance.

I have come to realise that a lot of comments specifically about game changes, while provided with good intentions, could actually be very harmful to the game. I am thankful that the devs are sticking to their decisions and plans for the game.


Ok, now I come to #8. Would be nice to have a Pause button too in some cases.
And #9. Having the option to be able to rotate the Screen/Camera back and forth and around with your Mouse would be nice. Instead of it being set in one single Camera view… Other then that there will come more of what I think so far of Last Epoch, based on my Current Level and Progress overall.

This would be a massive undertaking, since the entire level design and environmental models would need reworking.

This was one of the reason wolcen massively failed.

I don’t think its necessarily a bad idea, but definitely something for waaaaay after 1.0


Pause. Well, no need to delve into that potential quagmire of a discussion - again (just search the forum). Sure I would love it in Solo play but it would likely be nigh on impossible in Multiplayer or at least a helluva lot of work - far exceeding its worth imo. Devs are the only ones that can enlighten us on this possibility and as far as I know they havent and some of the older threads about it are pretty archaic by now.

Screen Camera rotation. Hmmm. Personally I dont like this. I like my Arpgs with fixed viewpoint - even if they have the feature I never use it. From what I understand about LE, and confirming what @Heavy said, this would be a mammoth reworking of virtually the entire game level maps etc. Iirc there are even instances where for performance issues LE created “fake” static shadowing because they have a fixed viewpoint in the game - no idea if thats still in effect in the latest version tho. Maybe they would entertain this at some distant point in time but I am not sure there would be massive demand considering the fixed viewpoint is pretty standard for arpgs. I wouldnt vote for it but who knows.

Obviously. Pause is only a thing when you’re in SP/not in a party.

It was awesome in Sacred 2 but then the level design was done with that in mind, not something added in as an afterthought.

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