What Happens if I Delete My Account?

I haven’t been able to find any concrete information on the consequences of deleting my account. What happens if I delete my account? Do I lose access to the game or just the cash shop that I will never use?

16 days ago I asked what should be a simple question and have yet to receive a response.

After 12 days I figured no answer was forthcoming so I decided to just delete my account and get the answer through first-hand experience. Putting in the request for account deletion I was met with a prompt encouraging me to request my personal data. April 11, 2024, I requested a pin to have my personal data released to me per Eleventh Hour’s protocol, as of April 15, 2023, I have received no such pin.

Browsing Last Epoch’s steam forums Eleventh Hour’s failure to provide user data isn’t an unusual situation. Accepting that I’m not going to be getting my data from this shady organization I’m going to ignore Eleventh Hour’s recommendation that I retrieve my personal data and go through with the account deletion.

I expect that without an account I will no longer be able to play Last Epoch in any capacity, and I will no longer be able to post in this environment. Fortunately, I still have Steam. If you’re reading this look me up on Steam under lbCake.