What game will multiplayer be comparable to? Diablo III, PoE, etc?

Sorry to compare to other games, but I want to get an idea. I’m excited for multiplayer either way, but both PoE and Diablo III have sucky multiplayer. In PoE, about the most you ever do is everyone trying to spam your AOEs and whatnot to clear mobs just like you would if you’re solo, and in Diablo III it’s even worse where people literally just split up to finish a “quest” faster.

I am intrigued by the multiplayer of MMORPG’s, whereby relying on other people you can accomplish more than what you could alone. In particular what I would want to do is tank with my minions, with my job to keep them alive and my teammate(s) being able to kill things stronger than what they could alone because of it. I don’t know if this is just a fantasy or something we might see in Last Epoch. I’ve seen a few MMORPG’s attempt something like this but none seem to succeed.

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There is really nothing “official” yet, outside of some very old outdated dev blogs about economy amd some rare statements thrown in by the devs in several multiplayer discussions.

So everything i will state here is just my opinion and could be totally wrong:

What i personally think/hope will be very close to Grim Dawn, with a bit more of the “MMO” aspect (not 100% like an actual MMORPG, but for example meeting other people in town and having possible public partiese etc.)
Grim Dawn has the most fun multiplayer for any game in this kind of genre IMO.

LE’s combat pace is already really similar to Grim Dawns. (which is a very good pace for actually playing “together”)
LE already has alot of “party potential” in it’s current state, with alot of clases having aura/aoe buffs/heals, skills that can target allies etc.

Devs said several times that they do want all content to be accessable and achieveable as a solo player if i am not mistake, not sure if that has changed since then.

I think we will not get the “trinity” class requirement (tank, heal, dps). Every content will be totally possible with everybody going more “offensive”.

Having heals and a aggro system already in place, even in the current system, i can think that tank and healer builds are definitely possible and might boost some parties considerbly, but will not be mandatory.

Also playing a “buffer” or more utility orianted healer/supporter might be an option.

All of this is just guessing at this point. But i can already see great potential.

Because party play is complete broken in most aRPGs, it seems good on paper “allies get these buffs” etc

Then the devs ruin it by giving groups 200% more item drops at the cost of 2.5x monster HP even though they are potentially doing 6x the damage or even vastly more

I want to see an aRPG where multiplayer is straight up removed

I realy hope for a simple p2p lobby based system. That’s the best thing to have from my point of view.

Similar to D2, but only 5 players.

What I expect from multi from an Hack&slash is to allow build that don’t work in solo.

As exmple in D2, you can go mono element full offensive. That is impossible in solo.

For LE, there is a lot of node and skill that oreinted Multi. That really good, I love buffer/support class.
Heale never reallly work in this kind of game, and it’s a good thing. Healing must be only support not build oriented.

I love that you could go full tanky (minion/sentinel) and let the DPS to other (too slow for solo) or go full DPS with def given by buffer (too glass for solo).
That’s how I see multi for Hack&slash.
If you’ve got the same build as multi and solo it’s really bad design for me.
Solo build must work in multi but not in the other way.

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Yea. I enjoy party play like that and I wish more ARPGs explore gameplay like that. Basically a MMO style raid party kinda game play for small groups (i.e. 4-5pax as the devs envisioned), but more action and clicky than the traditional MMOs.

Are you talking about bounties? Greater Rifts multiplayer in D3 is the best of all hack’n’slash games I’ve played. It allows thoughtful cooperation not just brainless killing spree like in PoE. But for that you need skills that are designed to work in a party (to give buffs for allies) . I don’t see much of those in LE unfortunatelly.

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