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What formula is game using to decide Erasing Strikes DPS?

What formula is game using to decide Erasing Strikes DPS? There’s no way it can be working properly as I come no where near doing 75,809 damage per second with it. Especially since it has a 5 second cooldown, and I can only use it twice before cooldown starts.

So, most of the tooltip DPS is still very much a WIP. That being said, if you tested this on the Dummy in the End of Time I think you might be surprised, it’s likely doing close (ish) to that amount of damage.

High Mana Cost and/or CD skills do not work very well with the Tooltip dps.

Things like Attack/Cast Speed sometimes do change their Tooltip dps quite significantly.

Also one thing that is calculated within the Tooltip dps are ailments.
These often time also give a lot of Tooltip dps even though you can’t spam that particular skill.

One of the most extreme examples of this would be Meteor, you can reach 1000000+ Tooltip dps with it, but no build could actually use it more than a few times in a row.

Monster resists and armor can reduce the damage by a lot. I assume the tooltips shows the optimal dps on a dummy without any resists.

I think i had like 10k with Disintegrate in imperial era but it tickled the enemies.
Was about a year ago, when i last time played mage. But i guess the damage reduction/resists and armor for monsters have not changed much.

The vast majority of mobs don’t have resist or armour, but they do have % damage mitigation based on area level.

Tooltip dps does not factor in any of the enemies defensive properties (which many of the mbos in LE don’t have anyway)