What exactly is the mechanic for the Spymaster boss in the campaign?

I’m leveling my second character. First time I was doing a DoT based character and I didn’t run into any issues, but now I’m using a bow to hit things and I noticed it was taking forever, so I saw that he had a property that makes him block damaged when not emerged. For the life of me I couldn’t discern what this actually meant. I killed him eventually, but I’d like to avoid the headache on future playthroughs. Anyone know what his deal is?

You need to be in melee range for him to not block attacks.


He does not block if his head is out of his body and visible. If it is hidden in the body, he blocks.

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Stand in melee range and he becomes vulnerable in a very easy to avoid and not all that strong (and I am talking from a Masochism perspective) attack. Just be aware of the poison of course.

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