What even is cold snap

I have a lightning sorc and im looking at the skill, it just seems shit for everyone. its lightning conversion is awful with 4 base lkighning damage and a bunch of cold damage from th previous node. There far more efficient ways to get freeze and frost bite.; It has a weird zeries of narrowing nodes. Im trying to figure out in my head the though process of whoever made this 5 years ago

You mean Snap Freeze? It’s a guaranteed stun/freeze for 2. And yes, it’s tree is largely unchanged & is very old which is fairly obvious if you compare it to a recent skill. There are many skills that are old & need their skill trees reworking.

like even for old skills this is bad. likee compare the nodes to fireball or something

I think it never really tried to be a damage skill. It is a defensive utility skill and the tree is pretty one-sided for that.

I agree that the dmg part of the tree is bad.

But the skill itself is really good in the right build.

There is not guaranteed on demand freeze and you can use snap freeze without any freeze investment. So you wouldn’t use it on a freeze build but rather on a build that needs soem defensive/utility/cc

Yeah funny enough snap freeze was part and could still be part of some of the most broken builds out there.

Because it freezes for a set amount of time, you if you really want can get near perfect uptime. making everything unable to hurt you, its slow, but it works.

snapfreeze if I had to guess will probably be eventually removed/reworked to not have freeze be a function cause rn its actually one of the best skills in the game if your goal is to just never get hit.

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I use Snap Freeze on my endgame runemaster and it’s amazing!

I can destroy bosses with ease at an average corruption level (around 250) with it.

  • I channel frostclaw before they throw the first attack.
  • I dodge the attack and continue the channeling.
  • When the boss starts his next attack, I interrupt him with Snap Freeze.
  • I channel again frostclaw and get to 500+ frostbite stacks.

Often, I can kinda perma-freeze the boss but sometimes I have to dodge a second attack (…by using flamerush, which shred cold res). After that, boom, the boss is dead.

It’s generally 10-15 secs and without a sweat. Snap freeze is not a direct damage skill but an incredible “comfort tool” ! It makes boss fights (and fights with many elites packs) so much easier!

where can I get pet companions?

Do you mean MTX pets? If so some packs offer one and MTX shop will have more soon.
If you mean minions, there are some that are companions (Primalist and the Falconer that’s coming). Regular minions are available in various classes.

I understand, thanks for the answer