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What Eras/Regions Excite You?

The first chapter of the game has given us a look at the city of last refuge and what the void era aesthetic looks like.

We’ve also caught glimpses of the imperial era/central valley design from the pre-alpha demo, and the arena features some desert/woods/ice environments.

That said, which game environments are you most looking forward too?

  • Void Era
  • Imperial Era
  • Divine Era
  • Primal Era
  • Southern Desert
  • Western Coast
  • Central Valley
  • Frozen Northlands
  • Eastern Mountains
  • City of Last Refuge

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Personally I prefer a brighter aesthetic, so I’m really looking forward to the desert region.

I find the divine era interesting in general, I’m looking forward to see what it does for character building.

I’m fully prepared to hate or love Majasa.

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