What does the Shaman use Intelligence for?

Friends, im new here and i using Storm tottem build with Storm Crows, and i see the passive Ornithology thats grant (2~10) Intelligence per Crow summoned, but why i will need Int for Shaman? All skills of Shaman use Str or Attun, thats should give Attunement and not Int.
Somebody explain me? xd

Intelligence is not a primary attribute for Primalist.

There are quite a few things across all classes, that are niche for very specific interactions, like certain uniques or building a certain way.

The two main interactions I can think of for this Intelligence based node for primalist would be:
a) a ward build
b) a build utilizing Ucenui’s Sphere

If you are not want to use this I would simply ignore this skill spec tree node and don’t think about it too much.
You will come across similar things on other classes.

I could has sworn that Storm Crows used to have some scaling based off int. At least, I seem to recall really wanting to max their +2 int/point node when the skill first came out 3 or 4 years back. Perhaps this node is a leftover, and just hasn’t been updated.

I guess it also gives you ward retention if you’re playing some low-life abomination.

Ferebor's Chisel - Set Rune Dagger - Dagger - Last Epoch Item Database this also exists.

I play

with Ferebor’s Chisel, but stack strength instead of int with Cleaver Solution.

There is also Fragment of the Enigma, tornado can proc a lot of sparks


Yeah that new Axe immediately made me think of this when I saw it in the patch notes. How’s it playing? I finally gave up on the whole Storm Totem/Ferebor thing because they game play was making me insane. LOL.

With enough int a shamans remembers to take a shpoer once a week. Outside of a “if you int is equal to your atunment” item (iirc) shamans have no reason to be more inteligent then a treestump.

I really should pay more attention to the passive names. It’s quite a clever and funny name for this one!

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Good. But it’s spriggan form thorn totem, not storm totem shaman.
More EHP, that I had with life and endurance, 7k ward now, with 25% less damage taken on low life passive. Farming 400 corruption, but damage is a bit low, probably will sacrifice some survivability.

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