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What does Precision do for Avalanche?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot figure out what the point of Mountain Peak / Precision is. It’s two points to keep the skill exactly the same as it was before, it seems. What does precision actually do?

I usually take them as travel points towards Hailstorm so I can’t be totally sure because I tend to take all of them at once, but it seems that the avalanche would fall where your mouse is, instead of around you.

It already does that as an unleveled skill. Mountain Peak makes it land around you, then Precision makes it land on your cursor again. What’s the point?

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Mountain peak makes avalanche fall in a circle around you.

By default avalanche is very chaotic.

And precision makes it very reliable and targeted.

That doesn’t seem to be the case in my testing. Precision makes it fall more chaotically. By default, it goes roughly where your cursor is pointed. Mountain peak makes it fall in a much wider radius, but centered on you. Precision seems to keep that wider radius, but goes back to following the cursor.

This is weird, because there is already a node for causing the boulders to fall in a wider radius. So, what’s the point of Precision, other than being a second node for a wider fall radius?