What does minion size do?

Some skill specializations let you increase or decrease a minion’s size. What effect does this have, besides cosmetic?

I’m not aware that it does anything except indicate visually that you’ve chosen that node. I think the Gollum node also increase threat, so if you’re playing in a group, your party know your build a little better.

Maybe they have a bigger hit box, making them easier to hide behind?

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It let’s all the monsters know you have bad ass minions.

I’ve seen minions move enemies back. Ex: my bone golem is sized up due to skill nodes. When my golem moves into combat, smaller enemies seem to be pushed back. That could be due to size, but I haven’t tested without the size nodes.

Bigger hitbox and more threat/aggro generation.

Larger hit box so they block more projectiles from ranged mobs…