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What does Mark for death actually do?

The in-game description says that mark for death REDUCES all resistances by 25%.
But based on the LE info, it says mark for death actually MINUS all resistances by 25%.
Does any one know which is correct?

They are the same thing, it applies a -25 to all resists on the affected target. So if you had 50% resists before, after being cursed you’d have 25%.

Ty for reply, but shouldn’t “reduces” means that it will make something with 50% all resistance become 37.5%?

For damage yes. But for resists & a few other odds & sods, no.

There are no non-percenage modifiers for resists so increased/reduced function as absolute modifiers rather than relative (multiplicative) modifiers.


Not everyone is an accountant or ex-accountant here my friend.

To dumb that down for people of a non mathematical inclination:

  • Absolute means that it deals in straight numbers, i.e. 70% Cold reduced by Absolute 20% = 50%

  • Relative (multiplicative) means that it deals with numbers relative to the first mentioned main number, i.e. 70% Cold reduced by Relative 20% = 50% - (50%x20/100) = 40%

  • Usually relative terms are indicated by explicit use of the word “multiplier”, i.e. 70% Cold reduced by a multiplier of 20%.

Hope this helps :smiley: