What does bone curse actually do

So I am playing along and all I know for sure is when I cast bone curse I see a red patch and spend mana but not sure what it does I read the description but still don’t get it.

I am somewhat new to this but if someone could explain what it does that would be great.

Harvest for example, does more damage to cursed enemies

When you cast bone curse, all enemies in the initial area (the red patch you see) will get a debuff, which on it’s on is not doing anything.

But everytime an debuffed enemy is “hit”, bone curse will do an additional hit.
This additional hit is damage coming from bone curse and cannot trigger any ailments outside of the bone curse tree.

The important part here is, that bone curse is only doing damage if they target is hit, so this will not trigger from DoT’s.

Also Bone Curse is tagged as a curse and so certain interactions, like the one @Nastharius noted, will work with it, since targets afflicted by Bone Curse, are considered “cursed”

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Thank you for the info I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Also, the damage that bone curse hits do is calculated using your stats (even if a minion hits the target) but tripled if you hit the target. The devs also said that the freeze chance from the Bitter Winter node counts as your freeze (and therefore using your freeze multi) but that’s not what I saw when I tested it ages ago.

i personally use this skill, its quite good but also highlights an example of using fast agile weapons vs huge ass 2handers. where a quick weapon can get a lot of damage from this curse compared to a 2hander

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