What do you do when you feel like you get stuck on gear progression?

This is a problem I end up having in a lot of aRPGs. I get to some point where I know my gear is kind of crap and needs to be upgraded, but because of how the stats are balanced around, I start finding it really difficult to find upgrades that don’t require me to go mess around with the rest of my gear. I try saving pieces sometimes, but honestly I end up just with a hoarding situation at some point and get too overwhelmed.

Anyone have some advice for when you’re feeling stuck like this?

If I’m having fun still, I keep grinding away. Usually that means find something I want/need and target it (unique) or push corruption up to increase my odds of getting access to better crafting items.

If I’m not having fun anymore, or I experiment with another build and it fails, I usually just drop the toon and move to another, rinse and repeat.

All in all, I find monoliths kind of a bad end game system so I never get too far with one character (in terms of gear, I have my 100’s). I am very much looking forward to .083 to see the updates and more so dungeons beyond this patch. If dungeons are done right, I might be far more motivated to continue progression.

For YOUR situation, if you are motivated to continue, setup a very focused loot filter and keep grinding corruption levels. There will be a point where your gear will only take you so far, of course, and there’s likely to be an optimal corruption level so you’re facing farmable content as fast as possible. I do not believe arena is as rewarding in terms of drops.

I have experienced this recently, I had a sweet T5 (+2) skill level affix gear that I found when I was leveling before I made it to the Monoliths that I had kept because it was +2 to my main, core skill (Thorn Totems) and felt like I couldn’t throw it away.

So last night, I shattered it. Why? Because the item level itself was extremely low in terms of implicits, and the other affixes were meh and I had fractured it early on a bad luck roll. Literally the only reason why I was keeping it was for the one affix.

You can always keep the gear you have and try out new affixes on new gear and run with it. I do that all the time, if it’s like the situation I was in above, maybe try playing without that “needed” piece of gear for a bit with your experiment and see what happens. More often than not I find that what I wanted to try was better than what I was rolling with before.

Fine tuning your loot filter can help. I also regularly shatter gear I find with good affixes but poor rolls for future use, and good potential bases I store for later for forging. I do save some other stuff for my alts that might not be the “best” that I’ll probably end up shattering at some point, but realize they’ll do well for leveling. Right now I believe you can easily get to empowered monos alone on purely crafted gear, I think exalted tiers really come into play at the higher corruption levels.

You can’t succeed without failure and experimentation in my eyes, particularly if you’re making your own build. The only way to find out is to do it.

I would suggest rethinking your loot filter and keep an eye on potential upgrades that still have alot of free affix slots, so they are very versatile.

Due to the nature of LE’s crafting system, it’s very easy to make the items you need, in terms of defenses most notebly.
This is especially true for magic items (1-2 affixes), since an empty affix slot means you can individualize that item very easily.

So planning a little bit ahead is alwas very nice.
I very often collect gear in my stash, that i currently can’t use until i can replace another piece.

This is good advice, sometimes the other stats add up in a way to where its better to switch to the new pieces even if its missing +2 to lightning blast or whatever. Things like armor, hp, crit, increased damage, and crit avoid are never bad stats to have if you can’t get the exact stats you want.

It’s a pretty bad feeling…

Like I have all the gear I need for my low life bear good rare T4 or 5 but find T6 or T7 with all 4 affix you whant seem impossible. I find one and fracture it…

Idem I am looking for the nova boy amulet…

I don’t whant to be to easy but I wish somekind of long and hard quest exist to help you got what you whant.

It depends on which level of gear progression you are on. Anyway, i’ll show how i ussualy do it and maybe it’ll help.

Before you begin, don’t forget to look in your passive tree and skill tree first. Having a first impression on what you can pick in your tree will most likely mitigate some requirements you will need in your gear (mana, life, resistances, so on).

First, you want to set in stone which type of gear implicits you want. Choosing specific bases first will asure you don’t make impossible choices afterwards (maybe you find a got exalted boots, but then you need the cold res from the implicit so you have to change another gear and so soon).

Second, you want to set in your filter the specific shards you will need, aswell as the bases you want with said shards alredy on them. That will make sure you are hunting for what you want effectively, instead of acessing gear by gear and, again, having to make multiple changes to acomodate one great piece of gear.

Third, now that everything is setup, you want to start making your items with the apropriate affixes on the best possible slots (resists on armor, boots, gloves, helm damage on main weapon, off-hand, rings and so on). You can easily get 2 t4 and 2 t2 in the same item, so it’s not that hard to prioritize what you really need.

Lastly, keep improving on your gear, getting better tiers and eventually incorporating exalted items. Naturally, getting everything capped, having a good balance of life and damage is what you want to strive for.

Obviously, you can make changes along the way, but keep in mind, fracturing items will happen often if you are trying to make really good items, and you need to take that into consideration if you want to change gears afterwards.

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