What did you do Devs?

My Spellblade was clearing 450 monos. Death here and there but nothing like this.

I am dying 4-5 times in a row in monos with only 2 modifiers!!!

I cannot build ward like I used to. I cannot kill white mobs like I used to. I’m taking damage like I never had before.
My gear is all there. I’m using same spec. I even swapped to my tankier gear. Little better but no change. My toon is undoubtably under-powered for the mono levels I’m running and it wasn’t pre-patch.

What did you do? Did I miss something in the notes?

That build took months to put together. If this isn’t a bug or something else I can get my head around, I’m outta here.

It may be that they put ward affixes on a lot of more gear and lowered the number on one or two of them?

Also they changed what Vitality does, it does not give regen now, it gives resistance

Do you know WHY you are dying? because that would help with figuring out what it was

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Cause lost knowledge is now only 5 points. Used to be 10.

And it use to be max mana, now it’s current mana

Thanks for the replys.

Everything. Elemental, physical. Range, melee. Mobs just seem to hit way harder than before.

I don’t use that passive. Shatterstrike is my main skill and it only costs 10mana.

I have tried different monos with same results. The only noticeable difference is when I’m in a mono that’s around 200-250 corruption. My toon rolls thru like he did 450 corruption pre- patch. My only conclusion is that the mobs have been buffed.

Did your passives get reset?

They did. You’re not thinking I was running around with 113 unallocated passive points do you?
My ward gen is down. For some reason I am only topping off around 3k per pack. I usually hit 5-6k per pack. This loss of 2k to my HP pool is quite demoralizing.
My DPS is down due to Enchanted Weapon auto cast bug.
I just ran about a dozen monos and I died in half of them. The mob burst damage seems higher. I know they increased the pack size by 10% but it feels like they also increased the mob dps.
I can modify my gameplay to only pull a few mobs but that isn’t how this toon was built and I don’t like monos taking over 5min to clear.

Almost 1600 hours played and I just wanna delete game Im so angry.

If you share your planner maybe someone can help figure out what caused the huge ward gen change.

Also btw Runemaster tree has a 8% damage reduction passive (at the start)that I predict will see 100% usage on mage builds.

Also are you dual wielding by any chance I heard of some bugs on spellblade dw.

I don’t know. Unless one notices something odd, you tend not to check skill/passives. And there was a post here about that happening.

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I don’t think mobs got damage buffed. I’m running both my druid swarmblade in 1000 corruption and my bladedancer in 700 corruption just like I used to.
They got a bit less HP because of the reduction of HP gained with vitality but nothing that hurt the build.

Of course it’s subjective as a direct comparison is near impossible, as modifiers will be combined in innumerous different ways, but I guess your case is totally related to nerfs in ward in mage builds, you will need to rebuild the char to gain more survability. And maybe as you related some damage skill not working as it used to work before.

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Yeah… tested out my FG on 400+ corruption and saw no change, I havent played in a while but even think it may have benefitted from an indirect buff somewhere too.

This is probably the only way we could figure out what happened @fatchick From past experience, having been around since 0.79 (iirc) there are sometimes things change with updates that bork builds that no-one realised and it takes a while to figure out exactly what changed.

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I also have no clue how a spellblade could be doing bad dps and have bad ward this patch, i thought they BUFFED ward generation

(Spellblade, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0f) - Last Epoch Build Planner)

I took my corruption down 100 to 312 and I’m destroying it. Should not be this easy compared to the 412. Unsure wtf is the deal but here’s a link to my build. Lets see what yas got. BTW I did put 8 points in the Runecaster tree to get the 8% dmg reduction on chill. That’s too good to pass up.

Thanks dudes.

Nothing seems obvious at first glance - just trying to see what your EHP averages out to be as ward is your only defence (you dont have any other mitigations really) and your health is pretty low…

What kind of ward do you average at/ peak after whacking the enemy dummy? I.e. whats the best you can get it to with a normal skill rotation?

They increased the mob quantities in the Monoliths so I am wondering if thats got something to do with it. More mobs in melee range could be combining to overwhelm your ward/regen without anything else to help… ?

missing mana spent gained as ward on helmet and body armor(as those were added this patch, but this should not have ruined your build but rather BUFFED it)

only 160 mana really gets in the way of the build(as it is mana hungry and generates ward via spending mana), you have no mana affixes

I cannot think of a single reason other than those why your build fails, and all of them have nothing to do with nerfs

yeah, thats why I asked about what kind of ward can be sustained - I also thought 160 was low for a mage build but its hard to “see” what the builds actual Ward is at any given time (and I couldnt be bothered to whip out a spreadsheet). The build is stacking attack speed as well, so its likely it runs out of mana damn fast which will obviously cap the ward depending on the playstyle.

Those numbers on the link are off. my MP is 250.

its kind of amusing that since I posted this issue and been receiving replies, I seem to be once again cruising thru 400+ corruption. I took it down to low 300 and have since added more without issue. I can stack 5/6 modifiers and get thru.
I’m thinking 500+ is a no-brainer.



Murphys Law then. :wink: