What come's after monolith/arena

im back at the game for a week now.Tested all builds i can make or play.now its all coming back to the end of time (literally) because its alway’s the same thing over n over… what are we going to get in the future of this game when its ready?

rougue is 1 thing.story line is & 2nd thing.adding ALLOT of items is a third thing.

but what about endgame?

u guy’s of last epoch got a list of plans?

nevermind i just watched the chapter’s… but that mean if u guy’s releasing Last epoch in april 2020 right?That we get every month an update? because april 2020 is just 7months away from now

I’m not sure what the question is but here you can see the Forecast. They have completed almost everything for Phase 1 at this point.

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It’s the same a other releases, first month or two are a payed beta. We either see a release in time with some flaws or we’ll see a pushed back release bechause they need more time to get rid of the flaws.

well my question is,if u done storyline,done monolith arena & bored of it what else can we do? but i just saw the chapter’s so i know kinda bit what there is still yet to come :slight_smile:

Well you always can push and challenge yourself to reach level 100 with all chars, try new max skills, beat the Arena record, that’s a lot for now :slight_smile:

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