What are your top 3 games (by hours played) in your steam library?

After reading @XLVI_carpo’s last line here, I wondered what my most played game on Steam was.

Turns out it’s

  • PoE (2,921.7 hours, not counting the many, many hours I played it on their launcher) with
  • LE (1,106.2 hours) &
  • Grim Dawn (1,042.5 hours) coming up a distant-ish second & third.

Though that doesn’t include SWTOR (played it almost exclusively for a good 3-5 years) & D3. A “good” game usually captures me for anywhere up to 1-200 hours.

What’s yours?

My Top top played games are:

  • LE (683 hours)
  • Warframe (563 hours)
  • Rocket League (542 hours)
  • Atlas Reactor (229 hours)

But I’m also a gaming nomad. I played ALOT of WoW and Team Fortress 2. And a shit ton of other games that brought fun for a short time (SWTOR also is one of them).


Taking a bit of liberty coz some of these hours weren’t via Steam. But it’s roughly this…

  1. Subspace Continuum (~20k hours)
  2. EVE Online (~10k hours)
  3. Counter Strike (~1k hours)
  4. Rise of Nations (~500 hours)

Atlas reactor we could have met under my old name never realized. LUL Sad to see that game shut down its servers was quite a good fun back in the day.

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You heard of Atlas Rogues?

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I have not. Also not sure how i feel. something i’d need look into

Well, since the thread asks for our top 3 but we’re all ignoring that… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Path of Exile
    • This is my top game on Steam by hours played, but I’ve also used GGG’s standalone client a lot - particularly in the past on Linux prior to Steam’s Proton feature.
  • Freespace 2
    • FS2 was originally released in 1999, and only became available on Steam in 2014. This is without question, by far, my true ‘most played’ game from any platform.
  • Grim Dawn
    • This is a solid game that I’ve never quite invested my time into the way I know I could. While I have played it, the game remains part of the infamous Steam Backlog™.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising
    • Dawn of War II deserves to be higher on the list, but as it’s technically three separate games my Steam playtime is misleading. I played the original Dawn of War series much more, but that was prior to my current Steam account (mostly internet cafes).
      • The Last Stand mode in DoW II was loads of fun!
  • Last Epoch
    • The majority of my time playing LE involves standalone clients I’ve built myself. :nerd_face:

Those are in order of most-played to least-played according to Steam, though when 4/5 numbers are misleading they’re probably not worth including. Looking at games I’ve played exclusively outside of Steam, I sank a lot of time into Diablo II, Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and the original Guild Wars series. I probably played C-12: Final Resistance more than most people did…

@Llama8 Were you playing SWTOR primarily with friends, pugs, or solo? I tried installing it a few times but I never really got into it. I’ve played less than 100 hours - probably less than 60.

@XLVI_carpo Did you play much of Ember? Bit salty DE changed World on Fire, ngl.

@billysielu I’m a fan of space games, but I think I was worried about getting too into EVE. :stuck_out_tongue:

I played WoW a lot before trying it, and didn’t want another game ‘taking over’, so to speak.

@Sarno EVE is not worth getting into now. It’s getting worse over time, and you’ll get crushed by people who’ve played 10+ years.

I have children (& a dog), I’m used to being ignored. I just ignore them back…

Yeah, I played it with a friend from Sacred 1 & 2 and his guild from LOTRO. We started at launch (though I got into the beta) & played all the way through to probably ~3 years ago or so when they started releasing the Gods of the Machine raid bosses piecemeal. We were primarily a raiding guild & them (effectively) having a ~1-2 year gap in between raids & that kinda pissed us off (along with the previous 2 expansions being solo content in an MMO).

  1. Grim Dawn 2.252 hours
  2. LE 716 hours
  3. Skyrim 303 hours

Ember was the first Frane I got the Prime version. So I played her a lot. But I quit Warframe some time ago so I did not recognize they removed World On Fire (WTF).

I played Nidus and Valkyr primarily.

They go Steam EA on November 18th. I’ll defenitely give it a shot. While it’s not PvP, I’m looking forward to meet all the Freelancers again. There’s hope they may implement a PvP mode if/when the game becomes healthy.

It was one of my saddest moments in gaming, when they shut down.

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Close, but it’s actually WOF. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stellaris - 1,912 hours of genocide err peaceful space exploration.
Grim Dawn - 877 hours most of it with mods.
Last Epoch - 564 hours

My Diablo 2 and 3 numbers are probably higher than all of them but I don’t know where to find that info (or if I even can with D2).

Agreed. i was deeply saddened. it was one of the few games i had a badge of honor so to speak. there was an emblem in game that was a red cracked bell. which was my old channel logo! could only be obtained through beating me or giveaways. So very few had it cause i was one of the few top players! So when it went down it stung a lot for me since it was still one of my favorite games of all time cause it fit that weird niche of Tactical teamplay. So ill 100% check it out

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I was Hutt Ball addicted with my Headhunter. Something EHG should implement in LE. Would give Knockback a better weight :wink:

Path of Exile

3,162 hours in total

AdVenture Capitalist

1,164 hours in total (but it’s an afk game)

Grim Dawn

166 hours in total


159 hours in total

Divinity: Original Sin 2

150 hours in total

Last Epoch

83 hours in total. It comes 10th. I’m trying not to spoil myself too much as i wait for my friend to play together. (and therefore online patch)

So here is my List:


Marvel Heroes is my most played game of ALL time. I have something in the realm of 5-6k hours, because it was not released on steam immediately. (And to this day it was my most fun game i have ever played). I probably have more play time on my main two main characters in Marvel Heroes, than gametime on any other games :smiling_imp:

After That i was a huge MOBA addict. I probably played all mobas, but most of them are not on Steam. (Played thousands of hours HoN and LoL (early LoL, when it was way better >.<)

Also not on this list is Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning, because it was not on steam (i think i gathered like 2,5k hours on my old xfire account, anyone remember xfire?!?), which was my first “online game” i palyed and to this day, my best MMO experience.

My top 3 on steam are

Number 1: Neverwinter online at 1458 hours!

Number 2: PoE at 954 hours

Number 3: Final Fantasy 14 at 779 hours.

TLDR. i dont use steam alot cause i prefer standalone clients. so if we included those then Smite be number 1 at 12K hours followed by WoW 9k hours. Then PoE 4k hours. But since this is steam only i gave my legit numbers

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MoBa players unite! n1

Really liked some character designs in Smite, but never liked the 2-axis 3rd person scheme. (Only played beta(few month after release and then on and off very sporadically)
But played paragon Top 1%, which was way more my alley.

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Why do you prefer standalone clients?