What are your ideas for new content - Post 1.0 content

I was just wondering about the game mechanics and drop rate, and this have crossed my mind.
Its an idea for post 1.0 release**, something that could be considered in future concerning new endgame content and new endgame chasing itens

Do you have anything that crossed your mind that could be cool to see in the game in future ? Something you desire a lot to be implemented as new game mechanic, new ways for pursuing new chase game itens ?

Ill start with 2 Ideas, one of them is what I wasted quite some time elaborating it :see_no_evil:

New dungeon idea (craft new Ascendant Exalted itens)
How About a Dungeon where you can merge 2 exalted itens, and get 2 random affixes from each iten ?

Just like Temporal Sanctum design, but instead of crafting a Legendary you would craft an Ascendant Exalted iten. You put each exalted iten of the same type (same base or not, debatable) in each box and try your luck to get you a new Ascedant Exalted iten.
These Ascendant Exalted itens can not be used again in the dungeon, they can not be merged to anything else, to prevent power spike and full t6/t7 itens.

and If we are worried about power spike, breaking balance with overpowered itens, there is some restrictions that could come along, just like creating a new rune, Rune of Ascent (as rare as glyph of Despair / Or as rare as Rune of Creation / Or something between these 2 rare drops).In order to use the final Box of the dungeon you need one Rune of Ascent in the box (there will be space for two runes).Maybe with 1 Rune you have 60% of success, and with 2 Runes you have 100% of success.

One final mechanic, concerning the sealed affixes of exalted itens.

1- With 1 rune: A) only one of the itens have a sealed affix - you have 25% of chance that the sealed affix will be in the final Ascendant iten.1- With 1 rune: B) Both itens have a sealed affix - you have 50% chance that a random sealed affix will be in the final iten.

2- With 2 runes: A) only one of the itens have a sealed affix - you have 50% of chance that the sealed affix will be in the final Ascendant iten.2- With 2 rune: B) Both itens have a sealed affix - you have 60% chance that a random sealed affix will be in the final iten.

The second idea is often mentioned around discussions, maybe in the form of another dungeon where you can Clean a Legendary Iten and restore it to its default LP to give it another try.
No especifics mechanics planned around this one, its just something I would love to see implemented in the game, maybe in a far future, but who nows ?

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Personally, as long as you balance the cost of doing that, I’m not personally opposed on continuing to use the same exalted. It’s a gamble. You use it again, it might become better, but it might also become worse. For example, you’ve used it a few times and managed to land 3 affixes at T6+. You use it again hoping for the 4th but it drops back to 2 affixes.

If you implement a system like that, then I find that it’s ok to aim for a perfect item. As long as the balance is made preventing it from being too easy and flooding the market.

I have no opinion about using runes either way. As long as it’s balanced, but also relatively accessible, all’s good for me.

As for the title question, I don’t really have new ideas for new content. I don’t mind if they adopt mechanics from other games like PoE or Grim Dawn or even D4. Though personally I’d rather see unique stuff. EHG has shown that they can have pretty good ideas, like Weaver’s Will items, which are very fun, or stuff like Runic Invocation or Volatile Reversal which feel really new and unique.

Few random ideas:

  1. Something similar to Monster I frequent from GD.
    Specific Base Types with very specific characteristics, that can only drop from certain monster r types or timelines.
    In LE’s case I think this would make the most sense as Timeline specific random drops.

  2. Very rare echoes that can spawn. These would be some of many random boss fights. These would give some guaranteed exclusive great rewards plus some random generic rewards.

  3. New timelines that are not necessarily beyond the higher existing ones but more “parallel”, so that there are more paths possible to reach empowered.

I like all of the suggestions, any of this content would make me thrilled while grinding the endgame content.

Since you mentioned GD, what is another system from Grind Dawn that you would like to see here or that you think could have a great potential if used here?

What about the faction system? Maybe change something to suit GD mechanics but imagine a super enemy of each mob type that will appear randomly in mono maps, and it could have lot of good drops and also a special drop specifically from this monster.

I order to fight this monster you have to kill lot of monsters of the same type, so if you kill let’s say 10k void mobs you would achieve the reputation of void exterminator and from now on the super void monster will have a small chance to appear in monoliths.

“Triggered passive” abilitiy skill tree/system but without the uncessesary convoluted constellation system.

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I don’t mind faction grinding as in GD, but I hope that doesn’t mean that we’ll have to make dialog choices. The most annoying thing to me about GD campaign was having to be careful while clicking so I don’t choose the wrong option for my build. Especially when you’ve done the campaign a dozen times and just want to speedrun to get to the good stuff.

Something like PoE bandits is acceptable, where you have a clear choice presented to you where you won’t misclick just because you’re fast clicking the dialog.

As for the faction system itself, the only issue I have is with exclusive ones. If you pursue one faction you don’t get the other one. That makes it so that you need multiple characters for all the rewards and makes it janky. You have to keep switching between stuff, placing it in your stash (when the game allows it) or you have to skip it entirely. It’s annoying at best.

A suggestion I might have which seems like fun is a system that’s based on MUDs I used to play: the more you use something, the more it improves over time. This doesn’t mean skills, we already have skill trees for that. I was thinking more along the lines of: you block x times, you get a (very) small boost related to block, you dodge x times, you get one related to that, etc. You could do it for most mechanics: melee hit, spell cast, minion hit, even dmg resist/mitigation.
Obviously the bonuses would have to be almost negligible but still slightly noticeable. A balance would have to be found. But it’s a nice idea that the more you play your build the (slightly) better it becomes with more and more time invested in it.
I wouldn’t benefit that much from it, personally, because I’m a horizontal player, meaning I prefer to make multiple characters and don’t really dump hundreds of hours into a single one, but I still think it might be a fun idea.

Ability to do the campaign again with increased difficulty. Easter egg/ hidden areas. A lot more different breakables.

That literally already was planned but got canceled/postponed.

It was planned as Gates of Memorium IIRC

Kind of exists in monos with all the bosses, maybe they can have the campaign minibosses in a rotation somewhere?

Stats tracking.

one of my favorite thing is silly stats like “pots broken” or “meters walked”

Stuff like this. There is “echos done” for each individual timeline, but id like to see global character stats for stuff like this.

To me it really helps cement that long term play for a character. its not strictly that hard to get level 100, even after the nerfs to exp, and even with more, its just an eventual goal you hit. I like that and dont want a death penalty, but I also like to be able to see something that makes me go “i really have played this character for a long time!”

edit: oops this was about end game, haha reading hard


Completely agree, but I’d say if we get a tracker, it might as well be achievements.
Even better.
Especially now the game has become Steam-only, not having achievements makes it look a bit empty for a “full release”, compared to most other Steam games.

(And no, I won’t mention the need for a full release to have a full story.)