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What are the stats of Storm Sprites from Tempest Maw axe?

Googled but found nothing.

Anyone? :slight_smile:

If you press and hold [ALT] you get additional information of sub abilities/procs of items and other skill/skill nodes.

It will look like this:


Right, so there’s nothing there. What are its stats? What damage does it do, what type, etc. I have no idea how to scale it.

Everything you asked is present in the tooltip

I think he also means stats like x Base dmg, Crit, Dmg effectiveness etc. ?
This is also something i don’t know. Is there a general rule?
Crit probably 5% base. Crit multi 200%, dmg effectiveness 50%? I usually compare it to other skills at LE Planner numbers.
But @Zaodon basically Minion Dmg and Attunement are scaling your dmg for Storm Sprite. Minion Physical dmg and Minion Melee dmg would also work, even though Minion melee dmg you can only get on an Main or offhand sword/axe but not minion physical dmg (only sceptre/2hand staff & bow).

The defaults are as you say except added damage effectiveness is 100% unless otherwise stated.

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Sorry, I totally wasn’t clear.

Does it do 1 point of damage (scaled by Attunement, Minion Damage, etc.) or does it do 50,000 damage? The DPS is literally blank. Also, yes, I wanted to know about the effectiveness of those buffs to know which is better to invest in.

Also, I was not 100% clear what kind of attacks it deals. I can see the tags “Physical, Melee” but its a Storm Sprite. I can’t help but suspect Lightning damage. Also, is it AoE, single target, etc.

Lots of unknowns.

Knowing the exact base dmg of an ability is not the norm in LE.

While it is very interesting for very exact/specific theory crafting, i think it’s not really important to know.

And since it’s an minion it does not have a dps in it’s tooltip.
Minions tooltips dps is planned, but didn’t make it in the initial tooltips dps patch, since it’s a bit mroe complicated to implement.

OK, this is needed. I can look at my regular skill DPS and see it go up or down depending on what I equip, or how I spec, but I can’t for minion skills, which is kind of a pain when making a minion build. Hope it comes soon.

Storm Sprite does spell lightning damage, not physical melee. Minion tags on that tooltip are not correct.