What am I missing from the temporal sanctum boss?

In general I quite enjoy the game but I’m getting to the point where I can’t proceed further because I get blown up in 1 shot by every boss.

I’m a level 76 necromancer currently and among other bosses, I get killed by the temporal sanctum boss every single time I try on the level 55 one even with 70 void resist due to his implosion skill, which covers my whole screen so I can’t avoid it? Is it because I only have 1400 hp, or should I be doing something differently?

The game would be a grand slam for me but these large area covered 1 shot deaths are incredibly tedious… especially when you require 7 different resists and while I know some people don’t mind and probably enjoy that, I feel it greatly limits what you can do.

There are better ways out there for a game to prove challenging than to add a 1 shot death mechanic- which I am sure is what accounts for probably 99% of all deaths in Last Epoch.

Your are meant to swap eras(usually D in keyboard) to avoid it. Then she will follow you and drop a void puddle in the ground, so is best to wait in a corner and wait for the puddle to drop.


So easy, yet apparently so obscure. I honestly did not think of that- it’s great that the bosses have more to them than the old ‘tank and spank’ but I tried 5-6 times and never once even considered that.

Yeah, while it is so evident once you know, many of us didn’t fall into it the first time we see it. I think is perfectly normal.

I hope they do something fo the first Tier 0 encounter with this boss, some clear tutorial tip. Press “D” in your face. Yeah, immersion-breaking and everything, but many hardcore players already died to this.

I don’t agree with this, personally. We spend a decent part of our game play time throughout the game learning that standing in a circle on the ground that you didn’t put there yourself is a bad thing (for the most part). Then the dungeon spends the first 2 floors teaching you that if you can’t see a way forward, press D. I, myself, think this is enough. What you’re suggesting here just seems a bit on the hand holdy side, which isn’t something I want.

That said, I don’t play HC. I can only imagine how much it would suck to lose a character over this. I still think that the game does a good job of teaching these basic principles already, though.


The insta-kill isn’t a telegraph like any other in the entire game. It isn’t avoidable, it has no edges. The room just lights up. Its ridiculously hard for the brain to identify that as a room-wide telegraph, and then piece together that you have to change time to avoid it. Now add in Hard Core (where dead is deleted character) and you can see, its B.S. to not have either a more understandable telegraph, or a blatant on-screen tooltip.

LE shouldn’t require all HC players to have a Softcore character to learn new things with first.

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The thing is a lot of these are telegraphed but my darned golem has the fire aura and between that and all the minions spewing fire everything I can’t actually see the circle more often than not!

I imagine there’s a way to diminish all these auras but oddly enough playing in the graphic setting I couldn’t find it.

Again, yes, the game teaches you during the journey well enough, that’s the theory we all know, but you enter the boss, and you have 2-3 seconds to react, your 20h+ of work in that character are in the line, your lizard brain tells you MOVE AWAY, maybe in that 2 seconds you didn’t add 2+2 because you were not trying to add numbers in the first place, and poof. Dead.

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