What all defenses should I have before taking on Soulfire Bastion Tier 2?

I am cruising through echoes/monoliths, I got level 75 on my Runemaster, and so I figured I could go into the Tier 2 Soulfire Bastion dungeon.

I was fine and then in the 2nd half of the dungeon I get one-shot by an elite. As far as I could tell I wasn’t standing in any puddles or being hit by a telegraphed attack.

Which leads me to believe my defenses just aren’t up to par.

So, what defenses should I have before trying to take on this dungeon? I’m already 75% fire and 75% necrotic resist, but what else?

I believe t2 bastion is doable as soon as you have any relevant level to do it. You might have been hit by one of the big attacks that some specific mobs do there. I also think the intention is to switch your shield for these attacks, but personally I just choose one side and avoid the rest.

I dont like soulfire bastion so I dont do it, but I have this memory of being hit by one of those necrotic bombs. It is a relatively small mob that casts it. Not sure, but I believe that thing even explodes several times. So, you get hit by one, its already big damage and then comes the next ones.

At 75% necrotic and fire, you are good.

-Runemaster can go a lot of different ways and the current meta requires a ton of great gear, etc but for tier II… I don’t think you should be struggling too hard so there is something else going on. Defenses other than resistances? Do you generate any ward?

-Soulfire features siege golems that specialize in fire or necrotic damage so if needed, use the correct shield when dealing with them. As soon as you see a big green circle on you, you should know it’s a necrotic siege golem, get out of the circle and go find and kill it asap.

-The fiery meanie heads that shoot a beam of fire don’t usually take much damage from far away so you need to get right up in their face (preferably, behind them) and kill them.

The above two things seem to be the most dangerous overall mobs in my encounters. Make sure you dispatch them ASAP and do it cleanly while staying out of their naughty mechanics.