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What about Marksman with Flurry(Proc Multishot)

So, what u think about this? Is It possible?
Here is my build but im new in this game and can miss something
77lvl vs 80 lvl boss (also sorry for a sound)

Hi and welcome!
What do you exactly mean by ‘‘is it possible’’? What do you want to achieve? Completing Monoliths, reaching high Arena waves?
Multishot in general is a very good skill for Marksman currently either the Flurry proc version or pure Multishot.

I mean is it possible to do all end game? And wich stats better to collect? Maybe there is any game mechanics i lose so i can boost dps or something like that

Yes, definitely one of the best Marksman builds currently out there.
Can you share and import your Build on Last Epoch Planner? Maybe we can help out.

How is your survivabilty with this build? Are you playing Monolith only or also push Arena?

playing just monolith now and survivability is great because of life on hit from flurry. Also got 1400+ hp and silver shroud

Yeah your life pool is pretty good, i guess once you switch to Arena you will have problems on higher waves because you are missing additional defense mechanics like Crit Avoidance/More Resistances/Dodge. But for Mono you should be fine for the non empowered timelines.
You actually have pretty decent offensive gear. The only things i would change is:

  1. Switch the relic to ‘‘Ancient Coins’’ for a lot of additional crit chance.
  2. Copper Rings for Silver Rings. I like Movement speed and i think for Marksman its a really strong defensive/offensive stat combined with ‘‘Agility’’ node on Rogue tree for a simple 50% increased dmg stat as 5pointer.
  3. I would probably take a couple points out of Barbed Arrows & Missile Mastery. You only get 100% increased dmg for 20points. Armour Shred comes from ‘‘death from afar’’ as an easy 1pointer and on Bow you can have a suffix for it. Bleed Chance you also dont need if you go full crit with Multishot. So with that points i would max ‘‘Perfect Aim’’+’‘Heightnened Senses’’+’'Concentration (12% increased dmg per point!) and the additional dodge and movement speed nodes.

But yeah, never change a running system…if your build works fine now, stick with it until you feel like missing dmg or survivability. Also try to do the other important timelines (black sun, ending the storm, reign of dragons etc.) as soon as you can. They give you some good character stats.

thx for advices, it helps a lot. my dmg boosted a bit. changed some items and nodes
Here is changed if u intrested:

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Yes endgame build is possible. You didnt check Rogue builds here right :slight_smile: ? There is already speedy build with multishot procced by flurry: