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We've updated our FAQ page!

We’ve clarified when controller support will be implemented, whether offline characters can be brought to our server-side multiplayer, and the design goal of unique items.

Is there an answer you think isn’t clear, or a question you’d like to see added?

Let us know! We’d love to hear what you think.

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Will the game feature crafting?
Yes, Last Epoch will feature a deep, deterministic crafting system.

Crafting is chance based, which is the exact opposite of deterministic.

Thank you for the feedback.

I don’t entirely agree with you - the exact opposite of deterministic would be ‘random’, which is a word I may use to describe a Chaos Orb in Path of Exile, but I would be much less inclined to use to describe most crafting in Last Epoch. I think to leave the current answer as-is but replace ‘deterministic’ with ‘chance-based’ would result in most readers having a worse understanding of our crafting system than if they had read the current answer.

It is conceivable that someone’s first craft will be to apply an Affix Shard to an item which currently has no affixes on it. In this case there will be no fracture chance, and if they read about a chance-based system on the website, they may think they were lied to.

I’ll update this answer to include a brief mention of fracture chance so that players know crafting is not risk-free, but I’ve seen many people refer to our crafting system as deterministic and I think it’s about as accurate as a single word can hope to be.

In our next patch we’re making some changes to how the game conveys crafting-related information, which may help players understand the impact an individiual craft has on their ability to craft on that item again in future. That might help make it feel less arbitrary.

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The crafting process is deterministic. But the outcomes carries risk to balance the potential rewards (probabilitistic). While I think @GeoGalvanic was not wrong to say that such a system is not strictly deterministic, I lean towards agreeing with @Sarno that most players would consider a crafting system that allows for specific control of the crafting outcome (if successful) would be regarded as a deterministic system.

Looking forward to testing the game out with controller support. As for the multiplayer, there is no ETA correct? Not sure if I missed a piece of information about it in the FAQ. I read over the parts under Multiplayer and skimmed the other post that was linked.

Thanks for the updates and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

That’s correct; multiplayer will be a ‘when it’s ready’ kind of deal.

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