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Werewolf/Feral Form

I think it would be really nice to have a feral druid form/werewolf form in this game. I love DoT builds and think if there was a form or something that enhanced that playstyle it would be awesome. I fell in love with feral druid playstyle from WoW in the earlier days where it was all about DoT damage. I also love the idea of shapeshifting. Just my thoughts and some ideas.

I only have 50 hours and the game and am really enjoying it so far.

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3rd form is confirmed and this form is gonna be close to that feral dps. Because we have now “tank, Caster” but we are missing “dps”.

I think the Werebear is the melee dps & what we’re missing is a pet form.


Didn’t Mike call it the tank form in the dev podcast?

Possibly, not sure.

I hope we are getting werewolf but I have seen some posts who hope it is not werewolf.
I have fond memories of my D2 werewolf ripping everything apart.
If LE gives us a werewolf with good attack animations (rip and tear) that I can build to insane attack speed I would be happy.

It sounds logical, but maybe the devs want to do something different and will come with a fun idea. Maybe a wereraptor?