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Been looking forward for a Druid in an ARPG format for a while. When I saw that Last Epoch had a Druid I knew I had to get behind this idea! Currently backed this project to get my hands on the Alpha, can’t wait :smiley:

I might be foolish to think so but something tells me I might be able to play as a massive Werebear mauling everything in my path! Is shapeshifting a thing planned for Druids? If so, is a Diablo 2 style Werebear something being considered?


Shapeshifting is indeed planned for our Druid class!

I’m not able to confirm any specific forms just yet, though.

Thanks for supporting us!

this makes me very happy :’)

Even if it’s not a wereform, there are other options. I think it’s important that shapeshifting scales, or has a skill tree. Possibly adding elemental attacks or magical attacks.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Druid to Primalist as a courtesy.