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Werebear Tree

are there plans to make a tree for werebear? and do you plan to have a werewolf form as one of the options? faster attack speed/run speed at reduced tankiness?

It would also be cool if you could somehow make the werebear skills gain some benefit from mastered swipe tree (for the claw aoe) or leap tree (for the charge) if you use them. It would be really cool to use similar skills while in human form then just get augmented versions of them while in werebear. because right now on my druid it feels as though i only gain tankiness while in form and very little else. Especially since the design feels like you are making shapeshift abilities almost like an ultimate. ie a temporary buff on a decent CD.

having fun with it so far though. keep up the good work.

I would totally dig a werewolf form.

Typically, when they are planning on making a tree for a skill, they’ll make a post on the forums, and ask for feedback from the players on things they’d like to see a skill be able to do. Then that gets implemented in the game, after some tweaks for balance, so keep your eyes peeled for the Wearbear post :smiley:

Trees for all skills are planned yes :slightly_smiling_face: but we don’t know when.

Would be nice.

Im in for it.

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