Werebear hotkeys constantly dissapear

I’ve noticed a consistency, that when you move to a new area by using a doorway or teleporting, if you do so in werebear form there’s a chance that hotkey 4 will disappear. Hotkey 4 while you are in werebear form changes you back into human form, but if this bug occurs hotkey 4 will rebind to swipe. This prevents you from transforming back into human form. It is often required to transform back into human to regain mana (Rage). The other thing that happens is eventually when you do run out of rage and go to human form, you often have zero keybinds, meaning you need to rebind all your skills. This happens VERY frequently. I’m encountering the bug several times per play session


same thing on swarmblade form. also if i enter town it blanks out all my human skills also and i have to reset them, and after that when i go back into swarmblade my skills are jumbled on the bar or missing. Why can’t we change form skills to different slots if we want anyway?

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Bump, same issue. i have lost count of the number of times this happens. It seems to happen if I am shapeshifted when entering a load screen.

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When I login, all my skills are removed from the bar. on Druid.

Also, I don’t know how to change my skill order on the bar in Werebear form, but that might be just something that isn’t possible (yet).

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Same issue, its extremely annoying happens when changing zones other than walking through the doors

Yeah this issue is really annoying and makes me not want to play my Primalist character, even though I’m enjoying it half the time my skill bar just changes and then I have to spend 10-15 seconds fixing it. Though sometimes it also just randomly swaps my transform skill with Swipe so I can’t transform back out of Werebear, seems to happen when I’m transformed and swapping areas mostly.

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