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Werebear Form less than Swarmblade?

Heya - Newish player here. Wanted to start a druid and was very interested in going Werebear Form and building a build around that. However, every guide/post/video I have seen features Swarmblade form as main Shapeshift Form. Is Swarmblade that much better than Werebar in 0.8.5 or is Werebear still a viable build focus? Thanks!

Werebear is still very strong. It’s just that in 0.8.5 Swarmblade received an overhaul after some community feedback. In 0.8.4 it was not really popular compared to bear and spriggan. Thats why most of the 0.8.5 guides are for swarmblade since nothing really has changed for werebear.

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Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation!

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