Werebear form and hotbar skills

Heya i noticed 2 bugs in werebear form for the primalist druide :

  1. We can’t change skills in the hotbar when WE are transformed in werebear (for exemple swipe is on my right click and it’s very not well :joy:), i don’t want to rebind because i have a roster of 6 chars .

  2. Sometimes when we leave werebear form and black to humain we loose all human skills in hotbar .

Sorry for my english ^^.

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Really annoying bug.
Another one is that when you go back to Werebear your skills are messed up, they all move around. Relog fixes it but still annoying

I have same problem , when i lose my rage from swarmblade form and go 2 human ,all my hotbars are gone.

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I’ve noticed this happening when I run out of Rage in Spriggan Form, too.

I usually notice it after leveling up. That seems to re-arrange my Spriggan Form skill bar (replacing the change to Human Form skill with Ice Thorns, for some reason) and reset the Human Form skills

EDIT: Player logs:
Player.log (551.0 KB)
Player-prev.log (212.5 KB)

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Same bug here. Sometimes in mid fights, or in transit between zones, if I am in Werebear form, my hotbars just empty themselves and are blank. Then I have to scramble to put Werebear form on and wait for the cooldown before I die ;p

We are aware of this problem. Hoping to get a fix out soon.

Glad to see - just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and say that so far the skill disappearing/reordering seems to be fixed. However, there is still no option to reorder your werebear skills to different skill slots for online characters - but there does seem to be for offline characters. It’s quite frustrating having to rebind my skills for my werebear.

Even after the fix I sometimes had my skills reordered after entering the next map (scenario). After a while and maybe a few “accidental” switches, the skills were in original order.