Werebear broken online?

Werebear seems completely broken. There is a massive desync between maul animation and damage. same with swipe in werebear. werebear will sometimes just end and all abilities will be removed from the bar. i know that one is being worked on.

i thought it was ping. i was getting around 20-40 so i doubt that was it. I gave up and put my items in stash. decided to try a different primalist build. went beastmaster and everything feels better. the animations and damage of fury leap and swipe feel fine.

Is this just happening to me or is transformations just not working right?

It happen to me.

The skills disappear when I transform (on the boss of lightless arbor). Backtracking with the movement spells, the zone attack of the bear, …

The latest patch say :

  • We are continuing to investigate reports of progression rollbacks and improving our telemetry to diagnose causes.
  • We’ve identified the cause of skills on the actionbar being scrambled/un-set when playing Transform build and are working on a fix.

Yeah, its a known issue.