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We're working on our FAQ page. Which questions would you like us to answer?

Let us know here which questions you have about the game, the company, out post-release plans or anything else within reason - I’ll try to get an answer to you here, and include it in the FAQ. Apologies in advance if there’s anything I’m not able to answer. And thanks for your time!

I’ve posted this on both the forum and Reddit at the same time.

Here’s a link if you’re interested in what others have asked:

Some ideas for an FAQ:
General vision for the game
Planned mode(s) (eg. hardcore, pvp) offline/multiplayer?
Characters? Can we customize their appearance? Classes? How many?
What kind of features can I expect from Last Epoch? (Skills, items, crafting, etc.)
Ideas on endgame? Lvl cap?
Is there a cow level? :slight_smile:
How did the company start? How many people? Where is the company/ persons located?
Why Last Epoch? What makes you all so passionate about the game/genre?
Free to play, pay to win? What will Last Epoch’s business model look like?
When can we expect a release? (lol, only because everyone asks this so some kind of answer even a humorous one should be given) :slight_smile:
Post release plans? That’s a hard one to answer so early on. :slight_smile:
How do we contact you guys? Social media pages? Email?
Is there a demo for me to try? Where, how?
That’s all I could think of quickly before work. Hope it helps!

and of course the loot! Show us (picture). Tiers? Magic find?
Probably could do a whole developer blog or two just on the one subject and eventually link it to this FAQ section

This is already kind of there, but we’ll probably expand on it over multiple questions.

All of those! :smiley:

Currently customisation is mostly in the form of power.

While we recognise that some players are very passionate about choosing their characters, ARPGs tend to be played zoomed out pretty far where your character is covered from head to toe so everyone ends up looking much the same regardless of hair colour / hair style / other stuff like that.

We do plan on allowing people to customise the appearance of their armour and weapons, and additional cosmetic options in the form of MTX will help to fund the game’s on-going development costs.

We’ll have 5 base classes, each of which can choose between 2 mastery classes.

I’ll certainly try to elaborate more on these things, thanks. :slight_smile:


We have answered this and there’s a dedicated page for this, too;[

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to add which isn’t currently present?


We do not speak of that since the incident a few years back…

Hrm, I’ll make sure to include a link to our Meet The Team page, which will likely be finished first. Judd, our Game Director, is the one who started the company. Currently there’s roughly two dozen of us.

Because it’s a great game! It just hasn’t been made yet. :slight_smile:

We’re all huge fans of the ARPG genre who want to offer our own personal spin on the formula. We’ll have a video for our KickStarter page which will likely be linked to as it answers this.

The game will absolutely never have any pay-to-win elements.

It will be primarily supported through cosmetic MTX.

Good news! We’ll be officially releasing Last Epoch tomorrow! *




 * Tomorrow references the day after today. This was originally posted on Tuesday, but will still be true on Wednesday, and Thursday. It was posted in April, but will still be valid in May. It was posted in 2018, but will still apply in 2019. Your statutory rights are not affected.

The established game which is closest to our current plans is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Path of Exile. We’ll be working on Last Epoch, and nothing other than Last Epoch, for as long as possible. We’ll have regular seasons / challenge leagues / whatever you’d like to call them while also gradually adding new content, features, and mechanics over time. We hope to actively get feedback all the way!


Yep! Join us on Discord - here’s the invite link[!

Then just head on over to the #downloadable-demos channel.

Appreciate it!

I know you already know the answers to many of these, but others may not - so I did say earlier in the thread that I’d try to answer questions as I saw them. Hope you don’t mind me working through them!

Will this game have 30 tormenting difficulty levels to endlessly grind through? I see there are three in the demo. How will this work in the multiplayer mode/version of the game? (Or is difficulty level unique to the offline mode)
@Sarno All good. Just trying to get the word out and help the cause :slight_smile: Have the kickstarter goals been tweaked/finalized? Perhaps tomorrow. Beware the void. lol

I don’t expect we’ll offer quite that level of fine-tuning. I think a few difficulty levels can help offer flexibility, but there comes a point when each one ceases to offer a meaningful choice and the fragmentation of the online playerbase they cause outweighs the fairly miniscule benefit of them being there. Options are nice - but all good things in moderation.

We’ve a pretty good idea of what will be offered and at which stretch goal amount.

Currently the first stretch goal is controller support and I wouldn’t expect that to change. Offering cloud saves for offline progression is currently quite far down the list, and that could potentially migrate to a lower price point. Precise details on localisation support could be mulled over right up until we submit our KickStarter page 72 hours before our campaign begins.

GoG release?

We’ll discuss it!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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