Werbear was bad


I was thrilled to see a werform implemented and took my time to play it and toy arround with it. Right now you gimp your build when using this form. The obvious part is to loose dmg because there are no skilltrees for the Werbear skills yet and I get it. The passives you get are nice but don’t make up for the loss you suffer.

If you change into Werbear you actually loose all invested skillpoints in other nodes outside of any companion/minion nodes and this is bad by design. I toy arround with a build without pets atm what is already restricting as hell and when I change into the werbear all spent skillpoints are useless no more 100% more dmg in veins, no option to place the frenzy totem, switching from a good swipe to a swipe that deals 3k less dmg and so on and so forth.

Is the state of the werbear simply a bad one and we get more stuff in the future? Will there be only one werbear skilltree and none for every skill? Will there be an option to use different skills or are we tied to the bears skill that gimp the class in my eyes (charge vs jump with aoe dmg, stupid knockbacks that make things worth then better) or is the werbear just another “Play with pets fool!” primalist class to make werbearform shine while you still have only skillpoints in each and every pet you can get because they stay when you shift?

I realy thought to wait some time to see if we get any infos on what’s to expect for the future of the class but right now it’s just not satisfaying anymore. Back to mage or sentinel it seems -.-.

Things I found out so far that bug me:

  • You can’t use pet skills as a bear so all the newly “Press a button and your pet does awesome stuff!” is completely useless on the bear.
  • In the current state the bear is a damage loss and the tankyness from the passives is good in the beginning and meaningless in the endgame
  • If you use the bear shape ALL OTHER SKILLPOINTS are wasted. Make the dear shape permanent and skilltrees for the skills or give us a node to change in the human skills as we want to.
  • The range of the bear skills are a joke!
  • A knockback as a melee toon is kind of contraproduktive with the abysmall skillrange on top of it knockbacks make you stop and go through the world.

MY (!!) perfect Werbear would have no pet nodes (because he’s a bear… who cares for other animals? HE’S A BEAR!!) because he can’t use them anway. My bear would be a very special snoweflake too with the option to change skills, so he would be able to still use a glorious leap instead of a bad charge. My bear would be able to skill each and every skill he uses without wasting skillpoints into skills he can’t use when he’s a bear. Well after all my bear would bite of everyones head with an opposing point of view so this might be taken with a grain of salt and bias and should be overlooked by unbiased people who already develop the game ^^.

You made this big long post about a skill that didn’t have a passive tree yet in a game that’s in Beta testing. The update today gave you a Wearbear passive tree. Enjoy!


I’ve seen it and from what I read I’m not impressed but I will put some time in to see if I was right or wrong :).

Okay here we go with some kind of first impressions :D.

I think I missed something, maybe because it’s a little late here but it seems like some bear skills benefit from the spent skillpoints in human trees an I realy realy like it. The most important thing is history then and it don’t feel like I’ve wasted points in human skills because those benefit the bear skills as well. It might be a bug thou but it feels awesome :D. The tree itself is pretty straight forward with some nice additions here and there that opens up for some obvious builds and maybe there are some hidden gems I haven’t seen by now.

So right now it’s pretty funny and it’s something in there for anyone ;). I hope someone tests the “increased magic spell base damage” node thou and a build that trys to work arround this, but it seems to me that’s some kind of Spriggan->Human->Bear swapping stuff because right now I don’t see where spell dmg could be realy worth it for the Druid but I’m not much into the caster stuff anyway.

So far so good from my point of view, finaly the bear does more dmg then my human form outside of having the roots and frenzy totem buffs up an running but I’m totaly okay with the numbers and the length of the shapeshift is bearable as well Badam tz.

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