Wengari Shaman cause FPS drop

The same as this report.
When there are lots of Wengari Shaman (cast the frost shield), FPS will be badly affected
That’s annoying unless you kill them all. :sweat:

Hi… Welcome to the forums…

This is a known issue and happens with other mobs too. The more mobs, the lower the fps.

The game is in beta and has performance optimisation issues that we just have to workaround for now until the devs can dedicate time to dealing with them.

The best way to deal with FPS drops currently is to be conservative with your in-game graphic settings so that when situations cause framerate drops, they are not as big and dont affect play that much.

Key things to do with your settings are to enable a framerate limit (not vsync) that keeps your GPU usage % at about 60-70% on average and to test if any of the shadow and other settings make a big difference for your system hardware. Also… using High or greater settings are known to be unstable and not recommended if you are already experiencing FPS spikes etc.

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