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Wengari Matriarch Leap/Slam Damage/Speed

It may just be me, but does anyone else feel the damage from, or the speed of, the leap/slam move (I think it’s called Earthquake) is a bit much?
I have made significant improvements to my defensive stats and I still get 1 tapped by this skill in empowered monoliths.
The move itself seems almost instant and the range on it seems a bit extreme, not to mention the damage.
Even with above cap resistances (most >100%), 75% of physical damage taken as fire damage, 100% critical strike avoidance, 1500 health, and I may or may not have had Lightning Aegis at the time, further reducing my damage received by 25%, I was still killed in 1 hit by this skill. My armor is not great (575), but still I feel with the above stats I shouldn’t being dying in 1 hit from this move. This has happened even when my stats were significantly worse and I only had 900 health, less resistances, etc.

I would suggest any one of the following:
-Increasing the time between when the indicator appears and when the attack actually lands (even if the AoE of the skill was increased).
-Decreasing damage of the skill overall
-Decreasing damage based on distance travelled
-Increasing the cooldown of the skill

I am not sure what other player’s stats look like or if any of you have had similar experiences, but failing a monolith due to a slam move that occurs what seems almost instantly and can hit you from across the screen and kill you in 1 hit with what I consider half decent stats is frustrating and seems a bit extreme. I don’t want the Martriarch to be easy (I have actually loved the increased difficulty since the update + empowered monoliths), but I can’t think of any other enemy with the same ability to kill me in 1 hit consistently. The next time I face her I will make sure to make note of all my stats and buffs, as well as enemy modifiers.

Yes. It feels out of line compared to any other dmg you usually take in the same map. Not sure if intended.

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Agreed. Perhaps if she was an end-of-echo boss or something I could understand the reason for it being so high, but several spawning throughout an echo while so many other enemies are present at the same time is a bit rough for me personally. Some have said the move is telegraphed very well, so maybe I’m just missing something because I do not feel that it is. I will try to pay better attention next time I fight her.

But it’s a big telegraphed attack is it not unreasonable to one shot a player that doesn’t move out of the way?

Says it perfectly.

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Other than enemy density+wengari slam issue, I would like to add that the ground indicator for the leap spam can be hard to see in snow region. Make a bit more purplish maybe since he does not show up in void map?


Yeah, it’s the Matriarch that has that leap attack. I’ve had issues with her in the past but mostly don’t anymore. I usually pay enough attention to be able to move out of the way but can see that in certain conditions the “circle of death” could be hard to see.

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I think it is two fold with her.

  1. She moves too fast
  2. The slam is too powerful

I wonder if #1 is contributing to #2 (similar to when a player gets a speed shrine)?


I think it is a bit unreasonable considering there is no other enemy with the same capability besides maybe a couple echo quest bosses with much longer “wind-up” periods such as Lagon’s AoE lightning attack. Huuuuge difference in cooldown time as well as the time between when the indicator appears and when the attack actually hits. With the Matriarch, I have had 4 or 5 spawn in a map and usually along side a Patriarch not to mention numerous other enemies. So while I agree the move is telegraphed well, the range, cooldown, damage, and time it takes for her to cover X distance all seem a bit extreme in my opinion. It is more concerning and dangerous to fight a common Matriarch then it is to fight a quest echo boss or end of echo boss lol. The damage is not in line with the rest of the enemies in my opinion.

Agreed, as well as the Patriarchs indicator for his blizzard attack.

Agreed. Like I said. I don’t want fighting her to be easy, but I just don’t feel the damage is in line with any other enemy. Getting 1 shot by a mini-boss that can appear several times throughout a map when the actual boss for the echo or even the vast majority of monolith quest bosses dont have that same ability is a bit extreme. The only other enemy I can think of with something similar is Lagons lightning AoE attack that has a significantly longer wind-up and cooldown. Perhaps a Siege Golemns AoE attack as well but i dont know if those 1 shot me because I havent been hit by them because i have more than 1.2 seconds to dodge them :joy: I dont think high damage correlates with how difficult an enemy seems to be, skills an attack patterns are more determinant of that in my opinion. She isnt a difficult enemy to fight, its just the possibility of her of killing you in 1 hit is very high, and much higher than all other enemies in the same area. just my 2 cents on it though, may just need to tweak my fighting or pay better attention or something.

I think you may be on to something. While the move is telegraphed well, the issue still is that as soon as the indicator appears, if you happen to be inside that circle, you have almost no time to actually move out of the way. The time it takes for her to cover any given distance is too short in my opinion. And again, she is more likely to kill me in 1 shot than the actual boss at the end of the echo or even monolith quest bosses lol. The amount of damage seems incredibly out of place and overlooked. The only other enemies with attacks capable of killing me in 1 hit that I can think of off the top of my head are Lagons lightning AoE attack and I assume the Siege Golemns AoE attack, both of which have significantly longer wind-up times and cooldowns.

I had the same though. There isn’t enough time between the indication on the ground and the slam for a one-shot mechanic. Either add a 1 or 2 second delay, or reduce it out of one-shot dmg territory. Right now I feel it might be measured in milliseconds or maybe a second. But that could also be reaction time due to the telegraph small, light circle on ground being difficult to recognize.

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Agreed. Next time I encounter her I will try to measure it from telegraph to indicator to when the attack actually hits. It seems incredibly fast, and I am not sure what the actual damage is without mitigation from armor and such, but I feel it is way too high for an attack that quick. I just recently fought her again and had nearly the same stats and even more health and I think like 500 ward at the time and it dropped me to like 200-300 HP from 1650. You practically need max lightning and physical resistance and 1 other max defensive stat or incredibly high armor or damage mitigation and 2000 HP to not get 1 shot by an enemy that can appear several times in a map that no other similar enemy compares to. Even though I’m not being killed in 1 hit by her anymore, or as frequently, I still feel the damage and/or speed is out of place.

I think there are several “mini-bosses” who’s damage really spirals out of control at higher monolith levels. The Matriarch is one of them, the Spine Alpha is another, and the red snake captain is a third one. It’s not necessarily that 1 on 1 they are a problem… it’s when there are 4-8 of them chasing me that things get a bit hairy, especially at 150+ corruption. Maybe even just the spawn rate getting toned down a bit?