Well everything ive said so far on the discord on record here on the forum xD

At the moment we do not know the % base of skills, its just not there, example warpath does less damage than rife, however I do not know what % of my base damage rife does and I do not know what % of my base warpath does, I also do not know the tickrate of warpath for example and the base animation speed of attacks, if I gain 57% attack speed and my base is dependant on a weapon would my attack speed then be 1.57 if the weapon has a base attack speed of 1.00? <- is there nothing else that influences this?

And this that I just mentioned is critically essntial for dot too

lets say I do 30% bleed however I do not know my base damage? is base damag the total amount in base of weapon then multiplied by global modifiers? and then is the bleed base x% of base?

Also idk if this is a supid question but chance to do dot is not really written in stone

example lets say I end up having a unique amulet that has 13% chance to bleed on melee attack

the weapon I have has 12% chance to bleed on melee attack

then my chance to cause bleed would be lets say 25% of daling melee damage

However then theres % increased chance to bleed

would that then be the 25% + % chance?

stupid example

now I have 25% chance to bleed on melee attack and I have this insan idol that increases chance to cause bleed by 200%

would it then be 25% + 200% iow my chance to cause bleed on melee attack would = 75% on melee attack?

would it be possible to modify uniques in the future?

It would also be nice once multiplayer is possible, to see other players in public hubs and to be able to see their builds

guild system please and multiple tabs in inventory would be nice too

gems and jewel that enhance stats efter attaining lvl 100 that could be socketed in gear would be awesome and then later on unique gems and jewels that even make for example legendary items stand out would be nice too.

Now ive gotten feedback regarding bleed, however it doesnt say how I attain higher bases of bleeds and it doesnt say how I can adjust bleed with lets say for example absolute and relative modifiers
heck well idk if I should even post it here or in feedback
however it seems kind of obvious to me that the stats for crit could to a certain level lack and that a player can then make it up by higher other forms of damage however it would be the aim of a build to attain perfect crit and cd complimented by dot etc so therefore i presume you implemented idols
however as i would look at idols as they are they are pretty good but you would have to do a few things for a player to enhance their stats to a “next” level
also at the moment regarding drops I am playing monolyth and am dropping items on any level
it would be awesome if you traverse a dungeon and the items dropping there is scaled to your level since the mobs is
ofc the other way to make stats more perfect would be gems

Some of that (re bleed) is in-game already on the “other stats” tab, it gives the sum of any global chance to bleed modifiers & global bleed damage modifiers (increased physical & increased damage over time). Unfortunately if you’ve got some passives that, say, give you a chance to inflict bleed with melee attacks, that won’t be added in to the chance to bleed on the stats screen, nor would any modifiers on specific skills (unless they said they were global). DoTs all have their own separate base damage (also on the stats screen).

LE certainly needs to improve the information that it’s giving players regarding skills, damage, conditional modifiers, temporary bonuses, etc & hopefully it’s on their list of things to do (in addition to the tooltip DPS stated here, and that’s on phase 2, so hopefully that will be “soon”).

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