Welcome to the Epoch Eats, where the 'food' isn't the only thing being devoured

Epoch Eats isn’t just any old diner. Epoch Eats is a place where many a customer has ended up on the wrong end of the fork. Do you have the intestinal fortitude it takes to digest the very finest cuisine Last Epoch (LE) has to offer?

Numerous time travelers have visited Epoch Eats, at least those that can make it to this out of the way corner in the End of Time. Throughout the millennia there have been various heroes who have survived the most exotic dining experience LE can provide.

Do you think you have what it takes to dine at Epoch Eats? Or feel free to post your favorite dish or ingredients below. Or have a look at Head Chef Geo’s menu and order if you dare:


  • Quietforme’s Panion Poutine which comes slathered in thick Wingari beef gravy. A dish of void potato french fries topped with the cheesy-ist cheese curds gold can buy covered in gravy.

  • Yulia Sweet Yams oven roasted by Yulia herself and seasoned with cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg.


  • Shaori 's Succulent Soul Cage Soufflé is made from grade “S++” unhatched Soul Cage eggs. This breakfast pastry, or pâtissière as Shaori likes to call it, is guaranteed to get your day started on the right foot. Available in various fruit flavors such as berry, banana, lemon and many more.

  • McFluffin Matriarch Maple Muffin’s are amazing for breakfast or, for the more adventurous, this supple treat will satisfy any time of day. On a diet, this cheat treat, is low cal!

  • Geo’s house special Biscuts and Gravy takes primal raptor chunky sausage gravy to the next level and is poured thick over the doughy-est vale blast biscuts we can find.

  • Patriarch Pancakes come piled as tall as the Patriarch himself. Marrow shard maple syrup on the side.


  • Apprentice Corner’s Egg ”Transplant” Salad comes with a side of Marsh ”Beetle” Mellows a tangy mix of sweet and sour for those days when a lite lunch will really hit the spot.

  • Chef Geo tosses his ‘Stompy Flower’ house salad like a pro and it can be found in our self service salad bar.

  • Ike the Prodigy’s BIG “Rive” Burrito contains white rive rice, void beans, and fresh frost wyrm brisket, purfied pure talent, distilled natural skill and comes wrapped in a corn tortilla.

  • Flintler’s Skewered Grole and Eber kabobs sound great? Flintler thinks so. Add some abyssal tomatoes, corrupt cucumbers, poisonous bell peppers, and blood onions to the kabobs for a balanced diet.

  • Soul Cage Pork Belly-buster Sandwich. Hunterxhunters once said “Eat Souls, gain eternal life!” It’s no surprise his Soul Cage Pork Belly-buster Sandwich is one of our best sellers. You can bet Hunter has Soul Feast on his hotbar.

  • Hot “Direwolf” Dogs are always good for a quick lunch and can be served with a variety of toppings and condiments including our renowned Thicket Crawler Chili.

  • Void Centipede Drumsticks served in a variety of flavors including barbecue, buffalo, jerk, and teriyaki.

  • Bristle Maw Bologna sandwich. A quick lunch for the time traveler on the go. A lunch time staple in any age.


  • Boardman21’s Void Lasagna comes with a rich dark purple void specter sauce, ground spicy primal raptor sausage, oodles of cheese, rampaging ricotta, spriggan leaf spinach, black hole basil, and a loaf of glacier garlic toast.

  • Vision’s Bristle Maw Nachos “Bellgrande” comes covered in nacho cheese with thetima tomatos, creamy jalapeno sauce, guac, poisonous peppers, void beans, ominouis onions, spriggan leaf lettuce, and some juicy bristle maw steak cooked to taste.

  • Rimed’s Slimed and Savory Giant Stew is a hearty meal fit for kings that will melt in your mouth and satisfy any appetite.

  • Lagon Lobster Bisque is one of those dishes you have to be careful around unless you want to end up sleeping with the fishes.

  • Xolak’s Phrax Pizza comes with extra cheese, a flavorful purple void specter sauce, and additional toppings upon request.

  • Easy Cheesy Moss Troll Tortellini created from scratch daily.

  • Void Crab legs are great if you’re tough enough to crack them. Served with melted glacial garlic butter.

  • Wingari beef is the finest beef throughout time that is seasoned and grilled to taste. These steaks come in many cuts. Seared, flame grilled, smoked, you name it, Chef Geo takes care of it.


Now I need to eat. Thank you for this. Both amazing in lore and fun to read! also made me think what I want for dinner tonight XD

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Thanks for your contributions!

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Using only grass fed lamb that drink from the freshest mountain river streams, I will be serving up the finest double thick rack of lamb that can only be bred in the cold northern forests. Seasoned with fresh mustard seed and mint I would love to serve you mcmagic’s Ettera famous rack of lamb. Travelers across any era are welcome!


I will like this for the cleverness of the post. I will only accept the lamb slaughter is its tradition white lamb. Us pink Lamb are endangered need to be protected not munched XD

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I’ll take a choice filet, rare (90 seconds on a side please), no butter but a dash of ghost pepper in the oil in a cast iron skillet.

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Yes, an excellent choice sir! Chef Geo can take care of that for you no problem. Might I suggest Yulia’s Sweet Yams while you wait or perhaps a Rimed Giant slushy to wash it down?

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Very afraid of Geo’s house special might get belly button on the side therefore I will take Mcfluffin’s matriarch Maple Muffin


As the resident LE vegan, I need to make this menu more inclusive to alternative diets. Introducing the Castle Hawkthorne’s Ancient Forest & Grains Garden Salad. An organic, handpicked selection of the flavorful vegetation from everyone’s favorite side quest, harvested by Hulking Overgrowths & lightly glazed in a recently forgotten glancing blow shard vinaigrette. Can be served with grilled cutlets of Primevil Dragon upon request.


Well if it comes recommended how can I say ‘no’? And I’ve heard great things about Yulia’s Yams. :wink:


I meant to comment last night.But these pasts are very awesome, I am really enjoying it.

Also go ahead and give me some of that

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Welcome to the diner Rimed! I’ll bring that stew right out and apply your ‘old soul’ senior citizen discount.


Welcome to the diner FoE. I can assure you I have hired the most meticulous servant money can buy to clean Chef Geo’s belly button and feet multiple times daily as it’s easier than getting him to wear a shirt and shoes. However, I don’t know what to do with all this belly button lint…

Have a Mcfluffin’s Matriarch Maple Muffin on the house!

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Have you considered using it to make a nice garnish?


garnish what you mean you boil that belly button lint in with nice groel legs into a groel broth to make a nice ramen base

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Have you considered using it to make a nice garnish?

I’m not sure even Chef Geo could keep up with that kind of volume. Maybe we could run him through some Monoliths for a blessing of bountiful belly button lint.

garnish what you mean you boil that belly button lint in with nice groel legs into a groel broth to make a nice ramen base

Join our Monolith group: LFM - blessing speed runs for Chef Geo.

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Rampaging ricotta give me back the will to exist.Rotfl.

im still waiting for someone brave enough to try the wolf “dumplings” soup.

They were a bit earthy for my liking.