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Welcome to our new forums!

We have officially moved our forums over to the Discourse package.

Here’s a list outlining some of the changes;


  • There is now a preview pane to the right of the post box.
  • A draft of your post will periodically be saved server-side.
  • It is once again possible to upload attachments to the forum.
  • It is now possible to embed a poll into your post.
  • There is now an emoji bank, complete with multiple skin colours.
  • Class sections now support tagging threads as their respective mastery classes.
  • Threads in Feedback and Suggestions can now be voted on.
  • Threads in Customer Service, Technical Support, and Bug Reports can be marked as Solved.
    • Their solutions will be embedded into the first post of the thread.
  • New threads in Bug Reports come with templates, explaining what information is needed.


  • Threads are no longer divided into pages of 10 posts.
  • It is now possible to Bookmark threads for later reading.
  • Threads can be viewed in order of creation or popularity.
  • Many links will now show a preview (known as a ‘onebox’).
  • The forum will show which threads were posted since your last visit.
  • Threads in Customer Service, Technical Support, and Bug Reports can now be assigned to specific members of staff. See that your issue is being taken seriously!


  • You will be sent a notification when your post is quoted.
  • You are now able to tag other users in your post.
    • You will now be sent a notification when tagged in a post.
  • It is now possible - but optional! - to enable desktop notifications.


  • Private Messages now have their own dedicated Report button.
  • Each user gradually gets additional forum privileges over time.
  • Posts edited by a moderator become locked. No more reverting moderation!
  • Private Messages sent by moderators can be flagged as warnings.
  • It is now possible to assign notes to users, visible only to moderators.


  • Loading times and responsiveness have been greatly improved.
  • There is now a library of avatars (this will be expanded over time).
  • Staff can now post replies visible only to staff in publicly visible threads.
  • Various forum features are now themed more consistently.
  • Many bugs from the previous forum aren’t present on this one.

Now that we have a much better forum, you can expect us to be more active here!

Something to look forward to later this week is a ‘State of the Game’ thread which contains some information on what has currently been implemented into the alpha, what’s coming later in development, and when various things were added. The thread focuses on the past, present, and future - how appropriate for the forum about a game with time travel!

Edit: We have decided to delay the aforementioned thread.


Woohoo, thanks for the update! Looks much better than before! :slight_smile:

After moving around a bunch, I can confirm that the forums are definitely MUCH faster too. <3 Good work guys!


Good job! :slight_smile:

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Aw hell yeah so glad you guys picked this package. It’s so lightweight and sleek.

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We’re excited to start using the forums more with this update. If you guys see anything odd with the new forums please make sure to let us know!


Hooray! There also appears to be a mobile app for the forums now.:astonished:

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Looking good!

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The new forums feels and looks really good. But takes some getting used to :sweat_smile:

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Very nice forum! :slight_smile:

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That’s fair. :slight_smile:

The Discourse forum package definitely has its own way of doing things.

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like took me awhile to figure how to even quote someone xD

Updated the OP to reflect a change in priorities from our most recent meeting.

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Sarno, can we understand why a change in priorities would lead to a cancellation of the “State of the Game” post? I was looking forward to it since we still don’t have a very good sense of EHG’s target development trajectory.

While I can tell the team is working hard to deliver and I understand this is early part of Alpha and things could change, without some indication of what EHG is shooting for, it is really difficult to tell whether we are on track for the broad Alpha and Beta timeline as well as the features we should expect at release and when we are likely to test them.

I hope the team understand where I am coming from.

I would say there were two main factors;

  • We looked at our text content and video content
  • We looked at what posts people had requested

We recently became aware that there are websites out there covering Last Epoch, and they’re using the video footage provided by us on our website. This is all footage from the pre-alpha demos, which means they’re no longer representative of the game.

The State of the Game thread was primarily focused on what’s currently available. This is something we might attempt to tackle through video rather than forum posts.

Here’s a quote from the thread;

  • The Acolyte became available in June 2018.
    • The Lich became available in September 2018.
    • The Necromancer became available in June 2018.
    • The Warlock is not yet available.
  • The Knight became available in April 2018.
    • The Paladin is not yet available.
    • The Sentinel became available on September 2018.
    • The Void Knight became available on April 2018.
  • The Mage became available in August 2017.
    • The Runemaster is not yet available.
    • The Sorcerer become available in August 2017.
    • The Spellblade became available in September 2018.
  • The Primalist became available August 2017.
    • The Beastmaster became available August 2017.
    • The Druid is not yet available.
    • The Shaman became available in September 2018.
  • The Rogue is not yet available.
    • The Bladedancer is not yet available.
    • The Falconer is not yet available.
    • The Marksman is not yet available.

With the possible exception of a couple of dates, it’s not really presenting new information to existing members of the community. It reiterates our plan for the game - which we’ve already covered elsewhere, then talks about what’s available - which, again, is already known. We’re probably going to focus our forum posts more on upcoming content.

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I see. From the sound of it, I would probably be disappointed reading the post even if it’s published.

I guess what I was looking forward to was what I had described earlier. That is, something that is more like a future roadmap of sort. Hopefully we will get some information on that soon.

It’s nice ^^

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Great Looking Forum, it is the first time in years that I have been so excited for a Game.

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Happy to be a new member of the community!

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Nice !

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